5 Apps Like was created for one simple purpose, to connect individuals like yourself to the most popular apps on Google Play, Amazon, and the Apple App Store. Not only are the apps we recommended becoming popular, but they are always similar to other apps that have already been successful and are proven to work. They are alternatives to apps you have most likely already tried.

Why do we do this? To give the little guys a shot. We want every app, no matter how small, to have the same opportunity to become the next big thing on the different app stores. We do not believe that the size of the company behind the scenes or the amount of money being used to market a specific app should be the only thing that allows that app to be successful!

5AppsLike.com was created in 2016 and we plan to be around for a very long time. We are always looking for new and upcoming apps to add to our site that will help users make their every day lives easier! If you have an app you would like us to feature on one of our pages, please feel free to contact us!