About Activehours

Activehours and apps like Activehours are great apps to get paid or receive money before you get your latest paycheck.

Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or just need some extra cash in advanced the Activehours app has you covered. This app is so simple, that you should never have a problem getting cash if done correctly.

All you have to do is take a snapshot of your electronic timesheet and submit it to show how many hours you have worked that week. Next, just click the button and get your cash deposited right into your bank. Thousands of employees from some of the most well known companies have already been using Activehours to get cash before their paycheck and now you can join them.

This app is great to use; however, we understand that it may not be the perfect fit for you. If this is true, then check out these other great apps like Activehours below. We have searched the web to find the best apps for you.

5 BestĀ Apps Like Activehours


apps like activehours

Even is a new app that makes managing your money a whole lot easier. When set up properally, this app can automatically calculate your monthly bills, help develop a savings cushion, avoid overspending and much more. If you are always wondering if you will be able to have enough money at the end of each month then Even is one of the newest apps like Activehours that can help you out.


apps like activehours

PayActiv is said to be the app to save people who are living paycheck to paycheck. Now, whether or not that is true is totally up to you and the other thousands of users who have already downloaded the app. With this app, you can access your already earned money from working rather than waiting for your paycheck to arrive a week or 2 weeks later. If you are in dire need of cash for whatever reason then PayActiv could be one of your better options for apps like Activehours.


apps like activehours

Flexwage is an app where you can easily manage all of your bills from one easy platform. To use this app, just create a username and password and activate your account. This app allows you to easily make transfers to pay towards bills, view balances and much more. Even though they don’t have many downloads yet, we do have faith in them as long as they keep developing the app. If they don’t continue working towards the app then we would recommend staying away from this app and trying some other apps like Activehours.

Payday Loans & Cash Advance

apps like activehours

Payday Loans & Cash Advance is a little different than other apps like Activehours; however, it’s still a great way to receive cash when you need it. To get cash from this app, just fill out an application and wait to get approved within seconds. Payday Loans & Cash Advance will find the cheapest loan based off of your information. If you think you can pay back the money you received before interest rates start kicking in, then we highly recommend this app.

Ingo Money

apps like activehours

Ingo Money is great for being able to cash checks anytime and anywhere. This app is so simple that it’s no wonder thousands of people are downloading the app every year. All you have to do is create your own Ingo Money account, take a picture of your check and wait for the money to be added to your account. You will only receive money if your check is accepted. If you are looking for the fastest and easiest ways to cash a check then Ingo Money is one of the best apps like Activehours you can download today.

Now you have access to more apps like Activehours to receive money. Have you tried other apps like Activehours in the past that you would like to share. Contact us today!