About Boom Beach

Are you looking for a list of apps like Boom Beach that you can download for free?! Boom Beach is a very popular combat strategy game that you can play on your tablet or smart phone. It was developed by a company called Supercell whom became very well known for the Clash of Clans app game that they developed as well.

In Boom Beach you start an island base from nothing. On this island base you can build defense weapons to protect yourself from attack, build real world weaponry and armies to storm your enemies and you can manage your economy by building other important structures that collect and store your loot which is then use to upgrade everything.

To successfully storm your enemies, both real players and the evil Blackguard, you will need to make very smart decisions on the fly as well as think strategically about every attack you make. You will combine the use of different troop types as well as the weapons from your ship to successfully free enslaved islanders throughout the land and collect the loot from that island base.

Because of the slick look of Boom Beach and that exciting game play, it has quickly reached the top 5 in top grossing apps on Google Play! For that reasons, a lot of people are looking for apps like Boom Beach after they have played it for a while. Below you will find a great list of games like Boom Beach all of which are also combat based strategy games!

Best 5 Apps Like Boom Beach

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Clash of Clans

With millions of downloads, Clash of Clans is one of the best apps like Boom Beach out on the game market today. In Clash of Clans you can attack other player’s bases to collect gold, elixer and dark elixer which can be used to help build you own defenses against other players.
One of the best features in Clash of Clans is its Clan wars game play where you get to group up with other players and play against another group of players. If you win the wars you collect a lot of resources for your team and yourself.

Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a great combat strategy game with almost 4 million app downloads on Google Play. This game brings a very unique feature to the combat strategy gaming niche that other games like it do not have. This is the ability to use multiple heroes to not only help in battle, but to duel with other players within the app! With Castle Clash you get to build a village from nothing as well as compete to become the most powerful fortress around. For these reasons it is on our top 5 apps like Boom Beach!
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Game of War: Fire Age

Game of War: Fire Age has been around since 2013 and has since cruised to the top of the top grossing app charts just behind Clash of Clans. Game of War is a strategy based MMO where you build an empire, train vast armies and forge strategic alliances to become the most powerful alliance in the Kingdom. We have placed this app on our top 5 because of how in depth the game play truly is. It takes games such as Boom Beach and Castle Clash to another level as far as combat strategy games are concerned!