About Bumble Dating App

These days with apps like Bumble, looking for a partner is way easier online than going out in the clubs and parties and searching for a potential candidate that might fit all your requirements. How time-consuming it was earlier when you actually had to spend a lot of time in the company of a person in order to know his or her interests, hobbies, or personality.

This thing has been overcome by dating apps where all the people looking for someone special have already provided with their basic information and bio-data. This helps in getting an idea about the other person prior to meeting them and warns you in advance whether you even want to meet them or not. Bumble is one such app that has brought a lot of convenience for all the single people out there who are looking for a partner to spend their weekends with. After two people opt in mutually by swiping right, a conversation is automatically started between them. It is up to the woman to say something within 24 hours otherwise the connection will disappear. The encouragement of the women making the first move is rather quite fascinating and focuses on breaking some conventional norms. Bumble also gives a superior right to the woman for not wanting to talk to someone she doesn’t want to build a connection with. Sounds nice, right? For people looking for same sex connections, either can start a conversation and if someone missed the deadline of 24 hours then do not worry because a one-time extension is available for both parties.

If you are have run out of interesting connections on Bumble then look for these dating apps like Bumble that will provide you with more choices and you can start partner hunting once again from a different perspective now.

5 Best Apps Like Bumble


apps like bumble

Looking in for a few nice surprises? Happn is one of the more unique apps like Bumble for finding a significant other. Get this app downloaded on your phone and you might be able to find that cute guy you sat across in the subway today. The app is absolutely safe and keeps all your information confidential unless you yourself are willing to disclose it.

Once – One Match Per Day

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Trust their matchmakers to bring you a nice match once every day. They will help you in finding that amazing person that you want to see as your partner and have not been successful in finding one yet. Each afternoon a match is picked for you by the app and you have 24 hours to decide whether you want to hit a conversation or not. Once is one of the better apps like Bumble that you can get to really know someone before meeting them out.

Badoo – Meet New People

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With over 300 million registrations, Badoo is one of the most popular apps like Bumble to meet people. This app helps in picking out nearby people for you. Have a huge crush on a girl who lives in the neighborhood and you have seen her occasionally jogging in the park. Get to know how close she is and reach out to her in the most awesome and easy way.

OkCupid Dating

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The OkCupid app has the biggest advantage of being 100 percent free and that is why all the high ratings come running towards it. Swipe right or left to start a conversation and send as many messages as you want without paying a penny. OkCupid is one of the closets apps like Bumble and Tinder because of the features it offers. If those apps have worked for you in the past then you will enjoy using OkCupid as well.

Lovoo – Chat and Meet New People

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Lovoo works with radar that helps in finding nearby people. With this app, you can find people with the same interests and chat with them. Who knows that the love of your life is just passing by the corner of your street and you’ll be able to find him or her through LOVOO. Like other apps like Bumble, this app is great for meeting single people who are in your area.

Next time Bumble fails to impress you by providing you with candidates that are complete opposite of your taste, try these apps like Bumble and who knows, the next person you meet might be your future husband or wife.