About Cartoon HD

Here are some great apps like Cartoon HD where you can stream and watch your favorite movies, shows and other media.

Cartoon HD is one of the popular apps when it comes to streaming TV shows and movies online for free. Unfortunately, you can’t download Cartoon HD through the Google Play Store or iTunes; but you can download the APK file from the main website.

Just because you can’t download this app through the two main stores does not mean it’s not a good app to use. In fact, Cartoon HD is one of the better apps to use so don’t let that fool you.

As you may have guessed it by the name, Cartoon HD is the place to find some of the best cartoon movies and TV shows around. If you are a cartoon lover then this is a great app to you. When you download it, you will have instant access to unlimited cartoons to watch.

Cartoon HD is a great app to stream from but there are also some other amazing apps like Cartoon HD that you can download and watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Check them out below.

5 Best Apps Like Cartoon HD


apps like cartoon hd

Showbox is another app where you can stream free TV shows and movies to your Android devices. Showbox is currently not available for iOS devices so fro you Apple users you will have to find another alternative. This app enables users to watch their favorite shows and movies in HD for free. Like other apps like Cartoon HD, Showbox is not available in the Google Play store so you will have to download the APK file just like you would for Cartoon HD. If you go to the Showbox website, they have a step by step guide to download the app to an Android device.

Cinema Box

apps like cartoon hd

Cinema Box is another app for android and iOS devices that allows its users to watch free movies and TV shows in HD. The creators of Cinema Box are the same as the ones that developed PlayBox HD so we know that this app will be a successful app for a long time. Similar to other apps like Cartoon HD, you can’t download this app through the Google Play store or iTunes so you will have to download the latest APK file. Once again, you can find out how to install this app by visiting their main website.


apps like cartoon hd

Crackle is one of the new destinations to watch your favorite shows, movies and exclusive originals all for free. You can stream Crackle on all your Android and iOS devices in addition to Roku, your gaming systems, Apple TV and more. The great thing about Crackle is that you can create an account for free and make a list of your favorite movies and shows to watch later. Crackle can make their service free by integrating ads throughout the app. Crackle is still a work in progress but is already one of the favored apps like Cartoon HD.

MegaBox HD

apps like cartoon hd

Megabox HD is another great app that allows you to stream and watch all kinds of movies and TV Shows on your Android devices. One thing that sets Megabox HD apart from other apps like Cartoon HD is that it’s updated daily with new Movies and TV series. Megabox HD also has an easy search feature to find what you are looking for and lets you directly download your favorite movies and shows from the app.


apps like cartoon hd

Hulu allows you to stream and watch current TV shows and the latest movies on all of your Android and iOS devices including your gaming system, Apple TV, Roku and others. With Hulu, you get unlimited streaming; however, it comes at a small starting price of  $5.99. If you are the person that hates watching commercials or seeing ads but want to watch your favorite movies and shows then Hulu is one of the best apps like Cartoon HD you can download.

These apps like Cartoon HD should give you multiple options to stream and watch movies and shows. If you enjoy using other apps like Cartoon HD please share them with us so we can add them to the list.