About Cinepic

Are you tired of using this app and want to find other apps like Cinepic that are just as good if not better? Great news for you because we have searched the web for the best Cinepic alternatives for you to download.

Cinepic is an app where you can make unique video collages and share with your friends. This app was released back in 2015 and has become a huge hit around the world. With this app, you can create 15 second video collages that capture your favorite life’s moments in a  unique way.

To create a video collage, all you do is set a background image and foreground videos to one of the 8 given templates and watch your favorite moments come to life.

The great thing about Cinepic is that it can easily be integrated with Instagram, Facebook and any other platform that features an auto play video.

The downfall of Cinepic is that it is currently only available with iTunes. That means for any of you Android users you need to find another app like it. Lucky for all of you, we have the best apps like Cinepic listed below along with a direct link to download the app of your choice.

5 Best Apps Like Cinepic

Scoompa Video Collage Maker

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Scoompa Video Collage Maker was selected the best app by Google back in 2014. Now we know that was awhile back; however, it goes to show how successful this app is in regards to creating unique photo or video collages. With this app, you can customize just about anything including soundtracks, slideshow styles, choose from over 100+ collage layouts and much more. Out of nearly 300,000 people, Scoompa Video Collage Maker has a user rating of 4.1 which makes it one of the best apps like Cinepic out there today.

Video Collage – Video Editor

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Video Collage Video Editor is said to be the best professional video collage maker around. This app can easily be integrated with vine, Instagram, Magisto and YouTube which makes it nice for sharing your favorite video collages. Video Collage Video Editor allows you to combine multiple videos into one collage allowing you to capture all of your favorite moments. The app features include over 45 adjustable layouts, different audios, video preview and more. Based off of customers’ ratings Video Collage Video Editor belongs in the group of the best apps like Cinepic.


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VidStitch offers both a free and pro version of $2.99. We have found that both are great to use but if you really want to use all the great features VidStitch has to offer then you are better off to pay the couple dollars for the pro version. The nice thing about this app is that they are always updating it to enhance the user experience. They have recently made and Android version and can now be easily integrated with Vine. If you want to make some great video collages then you need to consider this app. Donwload today and choose from multiple frames, combine your photos and videos, perfect your work with filters and easily upload to your different social media accounts. If your considering others apps like Cinepic then you we encourage you to try VidStitch.

Photo Grid

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With over 1 million fans and users, Photo Grid is one of the most popular video collage makers in the world today. Photo Grid offers many unique features within the app to perfect your work. Some of these features include, combining multiple photos, variety of collage layouts, edit your photos, scrapbook and more. Photo Grid also has over 300 layouts for Instagram. This is easilly one of the better apps like Cinepic that you can download on your mobile device for free. Over 5 million votes, Photo Grid is rated a 4.5. Join the other millions of people who use this app to create your stunning video collages.


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PicPlayPost allows users to upload videos, GIFs, photos and music to create amazing video collages. With the new updates you can now even create Acapella videos. Like other apps like Cinepic, PicPlayPost is optimized for Instagram, Facebook and Vine, YouTube and other social media accounts. This app is the first all in one video collage maker and video editor that delivers a huge variety of customization options to perfect your collages. This app is packed full with great features that surpass many other video collage maker apps. PicPlayPost lets you do just about anything you want in regards to creating the best collage. Download it today for free and let us know how much you enjoy using it.