About Digit

If the Digit app isn’t working well for you then try some of these other apps like Digit to help get your finances back on track. Most of the apps we have found on the internet that are similar to Digit are free to download.

Digit is a useful app that helps you save money by taking out a few dollars when it thinks you won’t need it and puts the money into a savings account linked to you. The most Digit will ever take out of your checking account at any one time is 50 dollars.

The great thing about Digit is that it is free and is FDIC insured. Think of this app as your own virtual piggy bank that you always have access to if you need it. This app is built around the millennials in that it communicates to you mostly by sending a text message.

If you want to save more in a short period of time all you have to do is text it to save more and the app will use its algorithms to get more aggressive for saving. Digit is a great app to use; however, it may not work for everyone depending on what your finance goals are. If this is the case, take a look at the apps like Digit below to see if they better suit your needs.

5 Best Apps Like Digit


apps like digit

Acorns is one of the closest apps like Digit in terms of similar features and how it works. Again, to set up an account with Acorns you have to give them access to your bank and credit card information along with ongoing bills you have to pay. This app watches your credit and debit purchases in which it rounds up to the nearest dollar. It then transfers the collected change into an investment account for you. You can then cash out from your investment account within 5 to 7 days of the purchase.

  • Saves Money By Rounding
  • Own Investment Portfolio
  • Tracks Your Purchases


apps like digit

One of the most used apps around the world for saving money is Mint. This app is a personal finance service available right at your finger tips. As you would with other apps like Digit, you give Mint information including logins for your bank, and credit card and investment accounts. It then takes all of this data and creates a full view of your financial life. This app lets you look at everything easily to see if you need to save money or you can spend money on a big purchase you want.

  • Calculates Everything For You
  • Personal Finance Service
Spend Or Save

Level Money

apps like digit

Level Money does a great job on answering the question on how much money you can spend. Like other apps like Digit, Level takes the amount of money you make and the expenses you have including bills and comes up with graphical data to tell you how much money you can spend that day, that week and that month to stay on track with bills. To set up an account with Level Money you have to proof of income, recurring bills and how much you want to save each month.

  • Save a Spending Budget
  • See How Much You Can Spend
  • Get Your Finances In Order

My Budget Book

apps like digit

At a small fee of $3.49 you can download and us My Budget Book which is another useful app for keeping track of your expenses and income. My Budget Book also helps you manage your money right from your mobile device. This app has a couple different features you can set depending on what your goals are. Unlike many other apps like Digit, with My Budget Book you can set a budget mode which allows you to set personal finance goals within a certain time frame. For example, you can set a limit each month on how much you want to spend on gas or a weekly limit for food.

  • Download for $3.49
  • Tracks Income & Expenses
  • Set Different Goals

Wallet – Budget Tracker

apps like digit

Wallet Budget Breaker is a cool app that puts all your finance records in one place, gives you clear visuals of your spending compared to your saving and gives you updated reports on your finances. This app is free to download and use and is a great alternative to Digit if you are looking to get your finances back in order. Some features include automatic bank integration, record tracking, spending tracker, PIN security including many more. If you want to try one of the better apps like Digit then we recommend giving this app a try.

  • PIN Security
  • Finance Reports
  • Spending/Saving Tracker