About Dropbox

Are you looking for an awesome file sharing app with great features but don’t want to use Dropbox? If so, check out the top 5 apps like Dropbox below that work just as well is this popular app.

Dropbox may be the biggest file sharing and storage solution around the world but just like anything else, it may not be the best fit for you. Dropbox has developed some amazing features throughout the years to really make it one of the top apps today.

Some of the things you can do with Dropbox besides sharing and storing files are password protect links or set expiration dates on them, set different admin account, manage team folders, recover deleted files and restore previous versions, integrate third party apps, clear files from lost or stolen devices and so much more.

Dropbox also comes with live support so if you have any questions they can help you via phone, email or online chat. Dropbox and other apps like Dropbox are all useful when it comes to backing up files, sharing files, team management tools and a handful of security features. If your still not a fan of Dropbox then take a loot at the best apps like it below.

5 Best Apps Like Dropbox


apps like dropbox

OneDrive is Microsoft’s version of Dropbox and comes packed with great features. This app allows you to gain access to all of your files on any device no matter where you are. Just like other file sharing apps like Dropbox, you can also share your files with others if you are working with a team. OneDrive has multiple different plans which come with a variety of features, depending on what you are looking for. Some plans are based off of personal use while others are geared more around business use.


apps like dropbox

Box was founded back in 2005 with their main focus on changing the way people share and manage files across your business. Like other apps like Dropbox, Box also has plans for both personal use and business use. Box comes full of different features including content management, security, ability to collaborate easily, file storage and file sharing and much more. If you need an app where you need high security for your files and to share your files easily across all platforms then Box may be a good option for you.


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CloudMe is the European file sharing and storage app like Dropbox. This app really lets you do it all if you live in Europe. Not only can you share and store different types of files but you can also stream music while on the go. With CloudMe you can  backup the pictures on your mobile device and free space to take more pictures, share selected folders with friends and family and organize all your files right from your computer. CloudMe is also integrated with your social network profiles so they can follow your shared folders if you choose. If you need one of the best apps like Dropbox in Europe then CloudMe is a must try.

Google Drive

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You have probably heard of Google Drive before but have you thought of it for storing files, and backing up your photos, docs and everything else. The great thing about Google Drive is that you get up to 15 GB of online storage for free and it’s tied directly into your Google account. In the cloud storage you can keep designs, photos, videos, recordings, docs and any other files you wish to keep. You can also gain access to your files in your drive from anywhere by using your mobile device, tablet or computer. If you don’t have many files and don’t want to pay like you would with some other apps like Dropbox then we highly recommend trying Google Drive.

Druva inSync

apps like dropbox

Druva Insync is a little different form other apps like Dropbox. Not only does Druva Insync offer file storage and sharing but it does many other things as well such as data backup, data loss protection encase your device was lost or stolen, legal hold and eDiscovery for end user data, cloud apps backup and so much more. Of course, with all these features you are going to pay a little more than other apps; however, if you are a business needing high security for your files then we recommend you to try Druva Insync. They do offer a free trial so you can test out the product before you purchase it.

Alright, now you have 5 apps like Dropbox to securely store and share your files across your devices. If you have a few apps like Dropbox that you enjoy using that we don’t have on the list please contact us today.