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Here are some great apps like eBay you need to consider trying. When it comes to the modern digital age, there are few things that have changed in regards to the way we buy and sell items. With online shopping, consumers have more choices, the ability to compare prices among a wider range of sellers and access to a more expansive array of products. For sellers, it offers access to more potential shoppers, and for many, it eliminates the need for a physical location.

With eBay and other apps, this buying and selling can be moved to your phone and tablet. Shoppers can open the app to search for a wide range of products, they can casually browse categories that they are interested in and they can bid on items that are up for auction. For sellers, it provides the ability to manage every aspect of the online store from a device that they can take anywhere.

Another one of the great things about the online marketplace is that there are so many options for buying and selling. While this app can offer a great number of options on its own, you also have an assortment of apps like eBay that can help to expand the possibilities. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the apps that can be great for buying and selling.

5 Best Apps Like eBay


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One of the ways that the Amazon app experience differs is that you have a separate app for sellers and a separate app for buyers. With eBay, these functions are integrated into one app. If you are a shopper, you have a list of products and categories that far exceeds almost any site that is out there, and you can even use the app to scan barcodes for price comparisons. The app makes it very easy to browse and comparison shop, and you can find just about anything that you may need. With the Amazon Seller app, you can create new listings, respond to potential customers, manage your inventory and view all of the relevant statistics related to your account which makes it one of the most popular apps like eBay.


apps like ebay

For people that are looking for apps like eBay, cPro could be a good alternative. This is an app that allows the user to access the online classifieds site Craigslist. With this app, you can search different categories, set up alerts for different searches and sellers can post and manage listings on their account. While there are some differences between Craigslist and eBay, it does offer the ability to shop for products and services and if you need to, you can post items for sale. From this app, you can manage all the most important Craigslist functions it and makes the experience simple and portable.


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For apps like eBay, there are probably few that strike the same similarity as eBid. Much like eBay, eBid is an online auctions site, and in many ways, it seems that the experience is designed specifically to compete with eBay. The big advantage to going with eBid is that the fees for selling and transactions are much lower, so it can be appealing to both buyers and sellers. Just like the eBay app, both buying and selling are integrated into one platform, so it is great for people that want to shop and sell. Browsing the different categories is nice and simple, and sellers can have new products posted in just a couple of minutes when they use the app.


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Overstock is a particularly good site for shopping, and while it does offer a different experience, it can be a valuable platform for sellers. Unlike other apps like eBay, this app only works for shopping, so sellers are going to have to use their PC. As a shopping app, it can be a great place to find deals, and you can shop with Overstock or one of the partner businesses that use the platform. With the app, you can shop a wide variety of products and it makes the search very easy. You can search for specific products, and they have many filters that can be applied to narrow the search down. The site is always running different deals and specials, and it has great customer support for any issues that may arise.


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Wish is another online marketplace, and in many ways, it works similar to other apps like eBay. Sellers can post items, and then shoppers can browse and buy online. With this app, you can find electronics, fashion, sporting goods and more. With the app, the experience is for shopping. You can browse the different categories, shop for specific products and make your purchases right from your mobile phone. For the most part, the Wish app is good for people that are looking for inexpensive or unbranded products, so you will not find a great selection of high-end goods. That said, there are millions of products to shop and you can find some great discounts with the Wish app.

Finally, you have some great apps like eBay to make online shopping easier. Send us some other apps like eBay that you enjoyed using in the past.