About Episode

Here are the best apps like Episode that our team found on the web. If you enjoy playing the Episode app game then you will love playing these other app games as well.

Episode is an app game released back in February 2014 where you get to choose your own story. This game presents you with thousands of animated stories where each choice you make matters for the ending result.

This app game also allows its community members to write their own animated stories to expand the game. There are already over a dozen popular stories that you can play, all with a completely different experience.

Depending on which story you play, you can play multiple characters at once, change the appearance of your avatars and change through different clothing options.

If you enjoy making life altering decisions and having more than one ending to a game then not only will you enjoy Episode but you will enjoy playing all of these other apps like Episode as well.

5 Best Apps Like Episode

Campus Crush

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Campus Crush is a game where you are in your freshman year of collage and you have to battle through all of the collage stress including meeting new friends, finding love and discovering the mystery about your collage scholarship. It is all up to you about which decisions you want to make and which direction you want to live your freshman year at collage. Campus Crush is one of the more unique apps like Episode that you can download. This app game is free to play; however, it does have in app purchases that you can make to expand the story.

  • Flirt With Guys
  • Make New Friends
  • Experience Freshman Year

Real Hollywood

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Real Hollywood gives you a chance to encounter someone at a night club that could put you in the Hollywood spotlight and change your life forever. But at what cost will you become a celebrity? Will you and your current friend betray each other as you try to win a reality tv show? Try downloading Real Hollywood today to find out who your real Hollywood friends are as you try to gain celebrity status. Real Hollywood is one of those apps like Episode that truly shows how actors and actresses live their lives.

  • Find Real Friends
  • Dress Your Character
  • Unravel Mysteries

Mean Girls Senior Year

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The Mean Girls Senior Year app lets you step into the game right where the movie left off. Take a step into your senior year of high school and fight through all the girl drama and romance by downloading this game today. With this game you get to battle with Regina George and get to meet all of the other girls like Cady, Janis, Damian and all the Plastics. During the game you will also meet the man of your dreams; however, you will have to fight Regina George to get him. Mean Girls is one of the most drama filled apps like Episode that you can download.

  • Experience Senior Year
  • Fight Through Girl Drama
  • Try To Get Into Collage

The Ember Effect

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When you play the Ember Effect you start out as the least popular girl in school; however, your life changes as you discover mysterious portal that transports you to an alternate dimension. When you wake up you find a handsome guy pointing a gun at you, thinking you are the evil Queen trying to conquer the world. Do you think you can help Ember convince her captors that she is innocent and get her back home while falling in love with the right person? If so, then try downloading one of the better games like Episode, the Ember Effect.

  • Meet New Characters
  • Find True Love
  • Survive the Dangers Ahead

Demi Lovato

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If you want to join Demi Lovato on tour then download this game today. When you download this game, you get to follow her entourage around while finding your own identity, fame and sound. Get help from her and her group to become your own superstar. You can become a number of things in this game, depending on the decisions you make throughout the game. In this game you will have the change to dress your avatar in different clothes, find love, visit amazing cities and much more. If you are looking for one of the best apps like Episode to become a superstar then download Demi Lovato on your mobile device.

  • Join Demi Lovato
  • Become a Superstar
  • Visit Amazing Cities