About Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking apps around the world with millions of people using it every day. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me when people are asking for other social networking apps like Facebook to try.

With Facebook, you can do so much to interact with friends, family and strangers. This app lets you share photos, videos, post about anything, share news and other stories and so much more. It’s no wonder why Facebook is starting to take over people’s lives.

Facebook is a great app for both individuals and businesses. If you own your own business you can create a business page to market it to people around the world. You can also advertise on Facebook to help grow your business at a very reasonable price.

We can keep writing about how great Facebook is but like anything else, it may not be for everyone. If you don’t enjoy using Facebook or want to find something similar than you need to check out the best apps like Facebook below that you can download for free.

5 Best Apps Like Facebook


apps like facebook

Path is another fun social networking app where you can capture your favorite moments through photos and videos and share them with all your friends. This app lets you easily express yourself by attaching emojis to your posts. With Path, you can also share what movies your are currently watching or let others know what your favorite movies are by adding them to your profile. The features made available to the Path app makes this one of the favorite apps like Facebook for social networking.


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Instagram is a great app where you can easily share your photos and videos with all of your friends. Like other social networking apps like Facebook, with Instagram you can follow your friends and family to stay up to date with their photos and videos, discover other accounts that share your same interests and instantly share photos on other social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others.


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If you haven’t heard of the Peach app don’t worry because it is a new upcoming social networking app that is only starting to gain attraction from people around the world. With Peach you can express the way you are feeling through pictures, videos, words, places and more. This app was created to easily and quickly express yourself to your friends and family. Connecting with close people around you has never been made easier until now. Peach is one of the best apps like Facebook to share everything with your friends and family.

Google +

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Let’s be honest, it was only a matter of time until Google came out with their own social networking app. Google+ lets you easily discover people that have the same interests as you, join communities of different topics, group things together that you love and so much more. Of course, from the name Google, Google+ didn’t take long to become one of the most popular apps like Facebook for people of all ages.

Yik Yak

apps like facebook

Yik Yak is one of the best apps like Facebook for receiving live feeds in your local community. This app helps you discover what is going on around you and instantly connects you to everyone in your community. With Yik Yak you can discuss both serious and funny topics. If you feel like being funny, you can crack jokes, or if you feel like being serious, its easy to talk about news, ask questions, or even offer support to people who need it. The best thing about Yik Yak is you can be and do anything you want.

Now that you know of some other social networking apps like Facebook you can still connect and express yourself to friends, family and people around you.