About Freedom

Are you having a hard time studying because you are to busy looking at social media or other distracting websites? If so, then try one of these apps like Freedom to keep you from being distracted.

Freedom is one of the most popular apps for disabling network capabilities on your computer for maximum of eight hours at any given time. This app is great for freeing you from any distractions you find on the internet like Facebook, Twitter and other websites that keep you from completing what needs to be done. At the end of the time that you have set to disable your network, Freedom will automatically restore your computer to networking capabilities making everything back to normal.

Freedom is only one app that frees you from distractions. Take a look at the other best apps like Freedom that you can also download to keep you from procrastinating.

5 Best Apps Like Freedom


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StayFocused is an app that you can download for Google Chrome that will keep you productive by restricting the amount of time you can spend on distracting websites. With this app, you can actually choose the sites you want to block that are time-wasting for you. After you have used all your time on the sites you have chosen, they will be inaccessible for the rest of the day. If you want to actually get work done on the computer then StayFocused should be in your mind for one of the best apps like Freedom to use.


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Anti-Social is an app for iOS users that blocks social media content from sites that include widgets and popups. This app provides a clutter free environment to give you a faster browsing experience while searching around on the internet. Some of the popular features include blocking social media content, page pop ups and social widgets and speeds up load time with websites. If you want want of the better apps like Freedom to block annoying content while searching then consider using Anti-Social.

Cold Turkey

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Another app that allows you to block sites that easily distract you is Cold Turkey. Yes, I am sure most of you have heard the expression “cold turkey” when it comes to someone who just quits from a bad habbit without having to do anything. Well, this app works in a similar way.  This app will automatically remove distracting websites so you can quit procrastinating without having to do anything. Cold Turkey is proven to give you better grades, improve focus and boost productivity. We think this is one of the best apps like Freedom to complete your work on time.


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If you are a Mac user and are looking for one of the most efficient apps like Freedom then you need to consider the SelfControl app. With SelfControl, you can block access to distracting websites, email servers, or other distracting things on the internet. This app allow you to be in control while also enabling you to focus on what really needs to get done. All you have to do is a set a time limit to block necessary sites and get your work done.

Stop Procrastinating

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The Stop Procrastinating app is one of the most in depth apps like Freedom that you can download. You can download this app for Windows or Mac for just $4.99 and if it doesn’t help you get work done you can get your money back. Stop Procrastinating has 3 options for blocking the internet or individual sites and emails, a set of work goals to help you improve your concentration and much more. Try this app today and improve your grades and concentration.

Well, now you have the 5 best apps like Freedom to keep you focused on what actually needs to be completed. No more procrastinating! If you have an app that helps you get work done, then please share with us so we can add it to the list of best apps like Freedom.