About Google Opinion Rewards

All of us look for ways to earn money easily, right? Well, now you can with these apps like Google Opinion Rewards. We find a lot of various options on the internet to get access to some quick money which can prove to be helpful in satisfying our minute needs.

One such resource is the Google Opinion Rewards app which makes you take surveys. As a reward, they pay you for it. Sounds interesting? Well, it definitely is. Although the amount they provide which they provide for each survey is limited but when you add the amounts together, you can easily buy yourself your favorite meal from any luxurious restaurant.

The questions in the survey are pretty simple and can be on a variety of topics. You can be asked, “Which promotion of a particular brand you liked the most?” or “Which is your favorite logo?”. Google Opinion Rewards will pay you $1.00 for each survey which will be transferred to your Google account.

If you are looking to earn more money, then there are a number of other apps like Google Opinion Rewards. The following apps can help you in earning some extra pocket money to spend.

5 Best Apps Like Google Opinion Rewards


apps like google opinion rewards

The Rewardable app is compatible with your android device. If you are interested in earning a few dollars while shopping, then just answer a few easy questions and let that money come in. All you need to do is to download the app, find the nearby tasks and click on “Complete Now”. As you keep completing the tasks, more money will keep coming in. The earning can go up to a whopping $20 per survey, which makes Rewardable one of the most attractive apps like Google Opinion Rewards.

Surveys On The Go

apps like google opinion rewards

According to Surveys on the Go, companies around the world need your opinions and they are absolutely right in this one. Many people think Surveys on the Go is one of the best apps like Google Opinion Rewards because they will actually pay you cash instead of points for all the surveys you take which means you are actually collecting real money to spend. You will get a dollar for each survey you take.

Quick Thoughts – Earn Rewards

apps like google opinion rewards

Quick Thoughts allows you to earn rewards from Amazon through their app by taking all the surveys available. If you are looking for an amazon gift card, then Quick Thoughts could be one of your favorite apps like Google Opinion Rewards to download. For each survey, you will be awarded points equivalent to $3 of shopping on Amazon. So just share your opinion and let those amazing Amazon products come in.

iPoll – Make Money on Surveys

apps like google opinion rewards

With iPoll you can earn free rewards, gift cards, and even airline credits by answering the simple questions they offer or by simply sharing your opinion. By completing available missions, more rewards can be earned as well. The missions include going to a store, taking a picture of a particular product and trying it out for yourself. If you enjoy getting out of the house and driving to the store to check out new products, then iPoll may be one of the best apps like Google Opinion Rewards for you to try.


apps like google opinion rewards

Gigwalk is a unique app that is different from many other apps like Google Opinion Rewards. This app helps people find jobs on the go whenever it is convenient for them. The users can earn a considerable sum of money and can get rewards equivalent to the effort they are putting in. If you are looking to do some part time jobs to earn a little extra cash, then we recommend trying Gigwalk.

So if you are looking forward to buying something from the mall the next time you visit it, use any of these apps like Google Opinion Rewards and get your hands on some extra money. If you have used some other apps like Google Opinion Rewards that worked well, please share them with us so we can add them to the list.