About Groupon

Are you looking for apps like Groupon that you can download to your phone or device for free? We have found the best 5 apps for you to enjoy that are similar to Groupon.

The Groupon App is a global e-commerce market place that connects millions of users to local merchants by offering different products, vacations, activities and more.

Since the launch back in 2008, Groupon has grown to be in 45 different countries around the world. The idea behind this e-commerce market place app came from the CEO Andrew Mason. Two years after launch, the company was valued at $1.35 Billion dollars.

When you download Groupon you gain access all kinds of deals up to 70% off. You can create an account by using your email address and location. Groupon will then match different products and good and services to your desired location.

Every deal that you find on the Groupon app is available to use immediately so you never have to wait around after you purchase something.  With the app you can instantly redeem vouchers, use Groupon goods to enjoy low prices, enjoy season shopping and even share Groupon deals with friends and family.

If you are looking for other amazing apps like Groupon then check out our list of the 5 best apps like Groupon below. Let us know which is your favorite app by leaving us a comment.

Best 5 Apps Like Groupon

Living Social

apps like groupon - livingsocial

Living Social  is another daily deals app like Groupon where you can save a ton on restaurants, spas, hotels, concerts and more. Members have saved up to 80% on goods and services through the Living Social app. This app is amazing for finding different social experiences within your city. When you download this app you can experience new restaurants through pre-fixed menus, relax with spa day packages, see the best local events at a discount and much more. Download Living Social today to spruce up your social experiences and to get one of the best apps like Groupon.

Slick Deals

apps like groupon - slickdeals

Slick Deals is a  social commerce  app where you can find the best deals and coupons from many different retailers. This app was developed back in 1999 in California and now has over 1 million downloads. When you download Slick Deals to your phone or device you are given the opportunity to search popular deals, set up deal alerts so you don’t miss out on an amazing deal, search for coupons and discuss with others in the forum. This is one of the most powerful apps like Groupon on there today that can get you some crazy deals.


apps like groupon - snap

Snap belongs in the top 5 best apps like Groupon because of the deals you can get from downloading it. This app gets you cash back on grocery items anywhere you shop. When you download Snap you can start browseing for coupons right away. With Snap you can find all the coupons you need right at the palm of your hand. Now you can enjoy savings on fruits, veggies, beauty products and even cleaning supplies. Once you use Snap, you will never shop without it again. Download today and start saving!


apps like groupon

With the Wish app you can find great deals ranging from 50 to 80% off from the retail price. This app is great for finding the hottest products on the market today at ridiculously low prices. Once you find something you like, you can purchase it quickly through various pay options and get it send directly to your front door. Similar to others apps like Groupon, you can browse from thousands of different products worldwide which include fashion, accessories, electronics and more.If you enjoy saving money when you shop then you will love using the Wish app.


apps like groupon

Geek gives you the ability to browse and buy trending products you would find at your local stores but for a savings of 50 to 80%. This app has thousands of products ranging from watches, electronics, car accessories and more. Geek is able to save you money by dealing directly with the manufactures. Having a 4.5 user rating, Geek belongs to the list of the best apps like Groupon to save you money when shopping. Don’t pay full price when you go shopping anymore. Download Geek today and save hundreds.

This is the list of the apps like Groupon we found by searching the internet and for the best rated apps. If you have another app you would like to share with us please let us know by sending a message via our contact form.