About iMovie

iMovie is only available for iOS users so we have found some other great apps like iMovie that you can download for both iOS and Android devices. iMovie is said to be one of the best apps out there to make movies, create movie trailers, share your favorite clips and more. As we stated earlier though, you can only use this app on your iPad, iPhone or Mac.

The cool thing about the iMovie app is that you can start editing on your iPhone or iPad and finish your project on your Mac. Once you complete your movie or trailer you can share it instantly with your friends and family.

Apple developed iMovie to be very user friendly across the board. No matter how many videos you have saved you can easily browse through them on the new redesigned Media browser and quickly turn them into your next favorite movie or trailer.

When it comes to making movies they say it is rated “S” for simple. All you do is select the clips you want and then drag and drop the different features and effects you want included.

Doesn’t this app sound wonderful? It is; however, they don’t have it for Android devices. That being said, take a look at the apps like iMovie below to learn about other apps that carry similar features. If you have found an app that you love using for making movies and trailers, then please share it with us.

5 Best Apps Like iMovie

Alive Video Editor

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Alive Video editor is an that lets you create awesome videos with fantastic effects. This is one of the easiest apps to transform your favorite moments into beautiful videos. Similar to other apps like iMovie, Alive Video Editor is packed with different editing tools, filters and animation vfx effects. To create a video just select the video you want to publish, tap the screen to select different features you want to add, publish and then share with your friends. It is really that easy.

Video Editor by WeVideo

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WeVideo Video Editor is one of the best choice apps to create, edit and publish videos on your iOS and Android devices. When creating your videos you can choose from a variety of video themes, filters, transitions, emojis, music, voiceover narration and more. After your video is published you can easily share it with your friends through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, including several others. Like other apps like iMovie, you can create and share your amazing videos within minutes.

VideoShow – Video Editor

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VideoShow Video Editor offers both a free and pro version for making movies and slideshows. The free version is a great app to use; however, if you want access to all the features VideoShow has to offer then we suggest paying for the pro version. This app has been ranked the # 1 app for free video editor and video maker in many countries. As you do with other apps like iMovie, with this app you have access to a variety of themes, music, emojis, filters and text. VideoShow also makes it very easy for you to share your movies and slideshows with your friends.

MiniMovie – Slideshow Video Edit

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MiniMovie is a top rated slideshow and video editing app available for Android only. This awesome movie maker app collects your photos and transforms them into short fun videos that you can share with all of your friends. MiniMovie is packed with different editing tools, music and more to make the best videos possible. Like most movie maker & editing apps like iMovie, this app is very easy to use. Just select your photos, apply the theme you want, and share it with everyone you know.

Magisto Video Editor

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Magisto Video Editor let you capture your favorite moments and make them come alive. With Magisto you can automatically turn your photos and video clips into unique movie videos that you can easily share with your friends. This app was on the list of Google’s Best Android apps of 2015 and has only gotten better.  If you are looking to express your creativity by making cool movies then we recommend trying out this app. This is easily one of the best apps like iMovie that you can download for free.

After searching the web and reading customers’ reviews these are the best apps like iMovie that we have found so far. If you have a favorite movie making & editing app that you would like to share with us then please contact us through our contact form.