About Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular apps for sharing photos and videos with your friends but it’s not the only app out there. Since this app, there has been many photo and video sharing apps like Instagram that have been gaining popularity around the world and we have the top 5 listed below.

Instagram makes sharing your videos and photos to your friends easy. Within seconds of taking your photo or video you can already have it up on this social networking app to show your friends what you are doing.

Just like other social network apps, you can add friends, tag friends in your photos, comment on other’s photos and so much more.

If you enjoy looking at your friends photos and short videos, sharing your own videos and photos then Instagram may be an option for you. If you are looking for another app to use, then check out the best apps like Instagram for photo sharing below.

5 Best Apps Like Instagram


apps like instagram

Path is the ultimate app for capturing your favorite moments and sharing them with your family or your most trusted friends. This app was developed to give you a trusted and intimate environment similar to one you would have at the dinner table. With Path, you won’t have to worry about who sees your photos, videos, or posted thoughts because you can set your own privacy. Similar to other apps like Instagram, you can share your posts, videos, photos and more to different social networking accounts.


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Swipe is a new app where you can watch short videos on the go. This app has hundreds of categories for you to choose from so you can watch the videos that are of interest to you wherever you are. Once you download the app, you can watch any 2 minute video in any category within 24 hours of it being loaded. You can also create you own videos and if they are good enough, Swipe will feature them for you so millions of others can watch them. Swipe is one of the newest and upcoming apps like Instagram where you can keep up with all the latest videos on the go.


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Shots adds a fun and unique twist to sharing photos and links to your friends and family members. With this app, you can discover and share some of the funniest photos and videos around the internet. Similar to other apps like Instagram, you can comment and react to your friends’ post with emojis, use stickers, chat bubbles, take selfies & videos, along with so much more. Shots also has a “funny” discover section where you can post a funny video and possibly get it featured.

We Heart It

apps like instagram

We Heart It is another app where you can discover and share great stuff around the internet including fashion, fitness, travel, quotes, music, makeup and much more. With this app, you can even follow your favorite celebrities to see what and who they are following. Just like other apps like Instagram, you can find your favorite photos, galleries and gifs. If you are looking to be inspired by different things around the world then We Heart It could be a useful app for you.


apps like instagram

If you are looking for the most awesome photos and gifs around the world then Imgur is an app that you have to download. This app is said to be the best procrastination app in the world because of the images and gifs you find. Once you download this app, just start swiping and enjoy everything you find. All of the images on Imgur are submitted from people like you. Once an image is uploaded, users will vote the image up if they like it. The more votes the image or gif gets the more popular it becomes. Imgur is one of the best apps like Instagram for discovering amazing photos and gifs.

We know there are many other apps like Instagram out there but these are the best ones we found. With these apps you shouldn’t have an issue sharing and discovering your favorite photos, gifs, videos and links. If you enjoy using an app that isn’t on our apps like Instagram list and want to recommend it, please do so by contacting us. Have fun!