About Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a popular app when it comes to ad blocking, modifying apps and restoring apps but its not the only one out there. If you are looking for some other apps like Lucky Patcher then check out the list below.

Before you download Lucky Patch or any other app like it make sure you back up everything in a different storage because if you don’t you could potentially lose some important data.  Lucky Patcher is a free app  but there is a question as to how legal some of its functions might be. Depending on what you are using it for, you could possibly be doing something illegal.

This app enables you to remove any license verification included on many apps that required them to be downloaded. You will also be able to modify the associated permission; extract the APK file to do backups; and other illicit actions.  For example, removing Google Ads or unlocking paid apps to be able to install them on other devices.

Overall, Lucky Patcher and apps like Lucky Patcher are very useful when it comes to ad blocking and more. Check out the list below to see which app is the best fit for you.

5 Best Apps Like Lucky Patcher


apps like lucky patcher

Adaway is one of the best open source ad blocker apps like Lucky Patcher in the world today for android devices. Unfortunately, it was taken off of the Google Play store but you can still download it by clicking the button below. This app is only compatible with Android devices newer than 2.1 and for it to work properly it needs access to the root files which some people may feel uncomfortable with. With Adaway, you can select your own source of host files, add exceptions to your whitelist and so much more.

Adblock Browser

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One of the best ad blockers for desktop has not developed an app for android users and it’s called Adblock browser. This app enables you to block those annoying ads and popups you see on Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites. Because Adblocker Browser has an ad blocker built into the app not only does it block ads but it also loads websites faster, saves your battery and helps save data. This app also protects you from unwanted malware and helps reduce the risk of viruses. We believe this is one of the most powerful ad blocker apps like Lucky Patcher you can download for free.

Free Adblocker Browser

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Another app that works great for blocking unwanted banner ads, ad-videos and blocks tracking is Free Adblocker Browser. This ad blocker app allows you to have a ad free web experience so you can focus more on content that truly matters to you. Similar to other apps like Lucky Patcher, Free Adblocker browser can help save battery life and save your data. Not only does this app block different kinds of ads but it also warns you of malware and adware, speeds up load time, and blocks ad-cookies form third parties.

Adblock Plus

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Adblock Plus is developed by the same company that made Adblocker Browser. This version is more in depth and a step up from the original ad blocker. With this app, you can browse the web freely without having to worry about ads popping up everywhere. Sadly, like many other apps like Lucky Patcher, this app is only for Android users but it is an amazing app. Not only will it block ads from you but it also provides you with a safer and faster browsing experience.

TrustGo Ad Detector

apps like lucky patcher

TrustGo Ad Detector is a little different from other apps like Lucky Patcher. This app scans and protects your device from third party violations such as identity leaks which companies obtain through different ad displays. TrustGo Ad Detector also keeps you safe from malicious ads and safeguards you from malware, spyware and trojans. But that is not all, it can also remotely locate your phone, wipe all data from phone if stolen or lost, lock your phone and so much more.

With theses ad blocking apps like Lucky Patcher you shouldn’t have an issue with ads any longer. If you have a favorite app that isn’t part of the apps like Lucky Patcher list then please contact us today.