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How do you manage your money? Here are some apps like Mint that you can use to manage your money properly. Do you just resort to not keeping track of your money and then wondering about where did it go? It is never a good idea not to be aware of your financial cycle because it leads to having no savings at the end of the day.

There are a number of cards which you carry, more than one bank accounts which you manage if you will not keep a track of all of this then how will you be able to know whether you are making enough money or not? A regular check on the savings keeps you aware whether you are moving in the right direction or not and one app which helps you out in this is Mint. With the help of this app, you can manage your income, your outcome, and your savings as well. This wonderful app is absolutely free of cost but if you are still looking for some other apps like Mint then here is the list of the 5 best ones.

5 Best Apps Like Mint


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All your financial information like investments, balances, transactions, and budget can be viewed through this app at all times. It syncs your mobile and desktop data and sends you an alert whenever a transaction or any other important activity is carried out. This is one of the best apps like Mint that allows you to easily understand and use to keep a check on individual transactions by splitting them.

Mvelopes Budget App

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This app has been rated as one of the top apps like Mint for all the “overspenders” as it helps them in keeping a control on their money. You can create a budget and track your daily, weekly, or monthly expenditure with the help of it. It also gives you feedback on where you have unnecessarily spent an extra amount of money that you may have forgotten about during the month.

Monefy – Money Manager

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Keep adding each of your expense in this app and you are ready to keep track of each and every transaction you have made so far. Divide your expenses into different categories and make your money management easier. Monefy provides passcode protection and a backup option as well making it one of the most secure apps like Mint to use. Choose a reporting period and it will send you a feedback of how you have managed your money so far.

AndroMoney – Expense Track

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This app is extremely easy to use and offers a powerful management tool for all of your finances. You can easily do some advanced accounting, organize categories, and even draw detailed reports on a daily basis. The app welcomes feedback from the users as well and is ready to improvise itself according to the need of the customers which is one of the many reasons why it made our 5 apps like Mint list.

Money Lover – Money Manager

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If you don’t know where your money goes then Money Lover can definitely help you out. You will forget about all the other money managing techniques after using Money Lover. It makes the management of your wealth fun and easy and allows you to save more by cutting down unnecessary expenditures. After using this app, you are sure to have some extra money in your account because you will know where to save money easily which is why Money Lover make our list of the best apps like Mint.

These are the top rated apps like Mint which are easy to use and manage your income and expenses in the most effective way. Let us know of some other apps like Mint that you have used in the past.