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Do you enjoy watching movies or TV shows online or by streaming them to one of your devices but don’t have Netflix? No need to worry because we have found the best streaming apps like Netflix for you to download and watch for free.

Netflix is one of the most well known apps for streaming movies and television shows around the world. This app enables you to stream media to your smart TV, gaming counsel, computer, mobile device and tablets, giving you complete freedom to watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere.

Recently, Netflix has added their own Netflix original series which has caught a lot of attention among users and nonusers. The only downfall about Netflix is that you have to pay a monthly subscription to gain access to your favorite movies and television shows.

If you are not a user of Netflix and want to find something else then check out the list of the 5 best apps like Netflix below. Some are free to use and some are subscription based.

5 Best Apps Like Netflix


apps like netflix

If you looking to watch some of the best hit movies and television shows then Vudo may be the solution. With Vudu, you get access to over 100,000 movies and TV shows right at the tip of your finger. Vudu also lets you watch the best movies that are still in theaters, watch episodes the day they broadcasted, or catch up on your favorite TV shows. You can either stream Vudu directly to your devices or pair this app with your big screen TV or with Google Chromecast. If you want a free app to watch movies and shows, then Vudud is one of the best apps like Netflix you can download.


apps like netflix

Hulu is one of the most similar apps like Netflix for streaming and watching movies and TV shows online. Unlike Netflix, however, Hulu focuses more with television on demand as Hulu subscribers can watch their favorite shows from popular channels the day after they were aired. With Hulu, you gain access to a variety of shows ranging from Action packed to kid cartoons. The nice thing about Hulu, is that you can stream media over a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets gaming counsels and more.

Amazon Instant Video

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Another popular app for streaming movies and TV shows is Amazon Instant Video. With this app you have access to tens of thousands of movies and shows from Amazon Prime, and have access to over 100,000 movies and shows that you can either buy or rent. Just like other apps like Netflix, you can stream your favorite movies and shows without Wifi. With Amazon Instant Video you can also check out actor bios, background information, trivia and more, using the built in feature called X-Ray.


apps like netflix

Crackle is said to be the best app when it comes to watching free television and movies. With this app, you can watch free media at anytime, wherever you are. As you can with other apps like Netflix, Crackle lets you stream the best media across all of your devices including Roku, Playstation, Xbox, Apple TV and more. One nice feature with Crackle is that you can save a list of your favorite movies, shows and originals so you can easily watch them later and there is no subscription. This means that you can do all of this for free! You really can’t beat that now can you.

Tubi TV

apps like netflix

Tubi TV is very similar to Netflix and Hulu but it is completely free. Because it is free of charge to you, in order to pay for the service Tubi TV has commercials; however, there are fewer commercials than you would find on regular cable. What makes Tubi TV different from your original cable company is that you can watch your favorite movies and shows at anytime anywhere. The great thing about this app is that they add new movies and shows every week so you will never run out of stuff to watch. If you want one of the best apps like Netflix without having to pay for it then try Tubi TV today.

These are the best apps like Netflix for watching movies and shows through streaming or online. If you have some favorite streaming apps like Netflix that we don’t have listed here please share them with us by using the contact form.