About Pandora

Are you looking for a list of apps like Pandora that you can download for free?! Pandora was made famous by offering radio stations to it’s users at no cost what so ever. How does Pandora work?By generating revenue through advertising, Pandora Radio is able to stream music and automate music through their Pandora App to your liking for free.

This app plays different types of music based off of your artist selections. Each song that is played by Pandora gives you the capability of either giving the song a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

The app then uses this information to zone in on what type of music to play for you in that desired station.  Pandora is only available in the United States, New Zealand and Australia. It is also compatible with the iPhone, Google Android OS for both tablets and mobile phones and Blackberry 10 handsets through the Amazon Store.

However, there are many other music apps that you can download for free that are just as good as Pandora if not better. Take a look at the 5 apps like Pandora below and let us know what your favorite app is by leaving a comment.

Best 5 Apps Like Pandora


With Spotify, it’s very easy to find the right music for any mood that you may be in. Whether, you are looking for some hot country songs or heavy metal, Spotify has it for you. You can download this music app to your phone, computer, tablet or any other device you may be operating. There are millions of tracks on Spotify so you will never have an issue finding the right song. Our team believes this is one of the best apps like Pandora developed today.


SoundCloud: Music and Audio allows you to listen to trending music or audio feeds whether its audio books or your favorite songs from the radio station. You can search for tracks or artists as well as play pause or skip certain tracks just like you can on Pandora! The SoundCloud app has been downloaded more than 100 million times already and has a rating on the Google Play store of 4.4.Not bad when competing against Pandoara and Spotify!
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With Deezer you can get free music on your mobile, tablet or computer. With the algorithms and developer expertise, the Deezer app will give you personalized recommendations of non-stop music that you will always enjoy.
The Deezer app lets you create playlists based off of your music taste, search for an artist that you wish to listen to and even get the lyrics to your favorite songs so you can sing right along while its playing.