About Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing app to use but if you are looking for other apps like Pinterest then you have come to the right place. Pinterest is the hub of all wonderful ideas for clothing, décor, interior or any other kind of fashion.

It is also the home for some of the most wonderful recipes from the world and holds inspirations for numerous people who want something to ignite them towards their passion.  If you are lost about what to wear to your best friend’s birthday party or what to cook for dinner, then Pinterest serves to be the best app to hit to whenever caught in a dilemma.

You can even share your own wonderful style ideas, health tips, or some of the most delicious recipes with other Pinterest users. Make different boards and categorize your interests so that it is easy for you to look up for similar things. You can make your boards visible to other viewers so that they can benefit from your inspirations or can hide them if you want to secure your privacy.

It is a catalogue full of ideas but if you feel that you are being bombarded with the same kind of style statements and there is no longer growth in your inspiration then there are other apps which work in a similar way as Pinterest but will provide you with a breath of fresh air and will open new ideas and dimensions for you.

If for some reason you don’t like using this app then check out the list of apps like Pinterest that we have found all over the web. You can download these other apps for free on both your Android and iOS devices.

5 Best Apps Like Pinterest

Droidddle – The Dribble App

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It is the best platform for all those people who want to showcase their talent and creativity. Just register on the website and let the world become familiar with what you have to offer in terms of originality and imagination. Some of the great features that come with Droidddle include searching for shots, creating shots for your followers, view animated GIFs, share your shots with friends and more. With only 50,000 users, this app is still relatively new but is gaining popularity quickly. This is one of the newer apps like Pinterest that we recommend you to try.

We Heart It

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You look for something and the app presents it to you. It provides you the chance of finding inspiration from quotes, travel, fitness, makeup, music and anything else that you might be looking for. You can even get to know your favorite celebrities better by following them on the app and seeing what they love the most. If you are inspired by different things around you then this We Heart It is one of the best apps like Pinterest that you can download.


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Instagram is about keeping up with family and friends and uploading and viewing photos that have meaning and inspiration in them. Look for accounts from all over the world and discover your favorite works. See the wonderful things others are up to and share your adventures or even routine with them. Follow your favorite chefs, designers, or photographers to keep up with their amazing works. Instagram has well over 1,000,000,000 installs which makes it one of the most popular apps like Pinterest you can download for free.


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Behance is the best place if you want to follow the works of your favorite artists and photographers and get inspiration from their designs, illustrations, or photographs. You can even share your own creativity with millions of other users and can showcase your talent to the world through this app. Like other apps like Pinterest, Behance really enables you to find others with the same interests and styles as yourself. Behance is always being updated with new work from its curators every day.


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Fancy is a single app but it provides access to thousands of stores and millions of things. Fancy your favorite ideas or style statements in your own customized wishlist and share your collection with all your friends. The bonus point of this app is that one can earn credits for sharing his wishlists. It also comes with gift cards giving you an opportunity to send a Fancy gift card to any of your friends and help them in making wonderful purchases through the app. Unlike other apps like Pinterest, with Fancy if you see something you really like, you can buy it right through the app!

So, next time you are bored of those repetitive Pinterest ideas and want a fresh feel to your taste then use any of these apps like Pinterest and you will definitely not be disappointed.