About Pokemon Go

It seems that Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm with over 7.5 million downloads within just a few days of launching. What if we were to tell you that there are other augmented reality game apps like Pokemon Go that you can also download for free? Well there is and we have found the best ones for you to play.

Like many others with this game app, we had to give Pokemon Go a try for ourselves and found many pros and cons about the app. Of course, it being very new, there are a lot of bugs that need fixed; however, it was still fun to walk around the city of Minneapolis and hunt for different Pokemon.

The concept of this augmented reality game is to get you out of the house and to go for a walk or run while having fun. The first time we played Pokemon Go, we walked around for 2 miles before even realizing it. Even though Pokemon was a lot of fun, we did have to restart the app several times because it froze on us which is somewhat expected being a new app.

Even though finding Pokemon can be fun, its not for everyone. If you were never a fan of the Pokemon games but love the concept that this app has then check out some of the other apps like Pokemon Go below. We are sure you will find one to enjoy alone or with your friends.

5 Best Apps Like Pokemon Go

Field Trip

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Field Trip is an augmented reality app that uses your GPS on your mobile phone to locate cool and interesting places and things around you. As you walk around, your phone will alert you when you stumble upon something cool and then provides you with a small card of information about that place or object. The best part about Field Trip like other apps like Pokemon Go is that you can use your headphones and the app will read you the information so you don’t have to read it.

Zombies, Run!

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Are you having a hard time finding motivation to go running? Well, now you won’t with the Zombies, Run app. Take a step outside, plug in your headphones and listen while the zombies are running right behind you trying to catch you. Zombies, Run is packed with different missions and stories for you to complete. Every time you run, you will pick up supplies to build your base where you keep other survivors. This is one of the most intense apps like Pokemon Go that you will find on the market today. Do you have what it takes to escape the mobs of zombies who are chasing after you?


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Geocaching is your perfect treasure hunting app where you use the app to find hidden containers called geocaches around your area. Some geocaches are harder to find and solve than others. For example, you may have to solve a mystery or riddle to find exactly where the geocache is located. If you are new to geocaching don’t worry because the app gives you tips, hints and instructions on how to catch your first few geocaches. Geocaching is one of the more fun apps like Pokemon Go because you are always on a treasure hunt where ever you go.


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Ingress is an app created by the same developers of Pokemon Go where you must save the world by finding sources from which this so called bad energy is coming from. Scientists believe this energy is influencing the way we think and many believe the world is coming to an end from what we know of. With your help, use the app to find hidden objects to use against the energy, capture territories, and partner up with other players to complete your quest. Ingress is one of the most interesting apps like Pokemon Go in the world today. Do you have what it takes?


apps like pokemon go

For all of you ghost hunters out there you will love the SpecTrek app. SpecTrek works just like other apps like Pokemon Go but instead you use your phone’s GPS to locate hidden Ghosts around you. The more you walk around your neighborhood the more ghosts you can hunt. A cool feature about SpecTrek is that once the GPS shows a ghost around you, you have to use your cell phone camera to find the Ghost. Pretty creepy? Maybe, but its a lot of fun. If you are looking for a great app to play yourself or with people then you will surly have fun with SpecTrek.

Whether you want to walk around and find Pokemon, Ghosts, GeoCatches or save the world from a terrible energy you can do so by downloading one of the apps like Pokemon Go that we have listed.