About Prisma

Prisma is a fun app that transforms your pictures into cartoons but what’s even better is that there are other great apps like Prisma that offer similar features as well.

Prisma is a new app that lets you be the artist you have always wanted to be with just a few clicks of a button. With this app, you can easily transform your photos into art using templates from famous artists.

If you enjoy editing your photos but want to bring a new unique style to them then Prisma is a great app to consider. Prisma is very easy to use; however, it has some of the best photo editing features around.

With Prisma you will be able to impress your friends with your new photos after adding your artist touch to them. However, as we mentioned before, Prisma is not the only app out there that can turn your photos into art. Try these other apps like Prisma to create artistic photos or to edit your photos.

5 Best Apps Like Prisma

Cartoon Photo

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Cartoon Photo is an Android app with similar features as Prisma. With Cartoon Photo you can change your photos into cartoons, sketches, pencil drawings, oil paintings and more. Some features that come with this app include but not limited to are applying real time effects, apply effects to photos in galleries, auto focus while taking a picture, and sharing your new create photos. Cartoon is a great option for Android users when it comes to other apps like Prisma.


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ArtBot is an app where your photos turn into masterpieces to share with your friends and family. This app is packed full of editing features that can transform your photos into sketches, pencil drawing or even oil on canvas type art. ArtBot is as simple as uploading your photo and letting the app imitate the technique in detail and color. ArtBot gives you a variety of style templates for you to experiment with. This is one of the best apps like Prisma that you can download to transform your photos into art.

Sketch Camera

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Sketch Camera is another app for Android users that allows you to turn your photos into amazing sketches, paintings, pencil drawings, watercolor and more. With this app, you can apply real time effects, choose from a variety of cartoon and sketch effects, adjust video quality, pinch to zoom and easily share photos though email and social media. If Sketch Camera were for both iOS and Android users we would say this is easily one of the best apps like Prisma. However, it still makes our top 5 list though.

Candy Camera

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Candy Camera is a little different from other apps like Prisma; however, it’s still a good app to consider for editing or making fun photos. This app has a variety of filters and beauty functions specialized for your selfie pics. With Candy Camera, you can whiten, slim, add lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and blush to your pictures to make yourself look even more beautiful.

YouCam Perfect

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YouCam Perfect allows you to take the perfect selfie every time and share it with your friends and family members. With this app, you can easily retouch photos from the handful of filters and beauty functions.  With just a few touches of a button you can remove wrinkles, get rid of unwanted pimples, edit tired eyes, look thinner and much more. If you are a perfectionist then YouCam Perfect is your best option when it comes to apps like Prisma.

If your are looking to perfect your selfie or turn your photos into different kinds of art then try one of the 5 best apps like Prisma. If you enjoy using other apps like Prisma to transform your photos into cartoons or sketches then please contact us today so we can add them.