About Qriket

Are you not making as much money as you thought you would with Qriket? Check out these apps like Qriket to make extra money on the side by doing small jobs, taking surveys and more.

Qriket is a new app for both Android and iOS users that can earn money by spinning the Qriket wheel. The wheel is made up of 50/50 blue and yellow prizes that range from $.05- $1000.00.

You earn spins by engaging with local businesses, advertisers, videos, surveys and more. The more you are active the more spins you are awarded which will better your chances of winning some much needed cash.

It’s said that 40% of Qriket’s revenue is paid back to its users which is accessible through PayPal or the Qriket Master Card. Even though Qriket is a great idea, users are fed up with it. People are saying the most they have ever won is $.05 which is nothing when you compare it to other credit cards.

If you are fed up with not earning any cash by spinning the wheel then check out these other great apps like Qriket that you can put more cash in your pocket.

5 Best Apps Like Qriket

Field Agent

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Field Agent is an app available for both iOS and Android devices where you can earn money by participating in different jobs through the app. Once you create your account and complete your profile, Field Agent will find jobs in your area that are available for you to complete. Once you select a job, you have 2 hours to complete it or it becomes available again. Many of these jobs will ask you to go to a store and take a picture of a product and write some notes on it. Job pay ranges from $3.00 to $12.00 depending on what they ask you to do. Field Agent is one of the best apps like Qriket to earn some extra cash.


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Gigwalk is another app where you can earn money by completing different jobs in your area. To become a Gigwalker all you have to do is download the free app and complete your profile. This app lets you make as much money as you want depending on how much effort you put into it. To earn money, simply click on a job from one of the leading organizations in your area and complete the job they ask you to do. The pay for each job ranges anywhere from $5 and up. Like other apps like Qriket, Gigwalk is a useful app to earn some extra income.

Cricket Rewards

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Cricket Rewards adds a unique twist to earning different types or rewards when you are a customer. Although this isn’t one of our favorite apps like Qriket it is still a good way to earn cash and redeem your points. To become a customer on Cricket Rewards you must be a Cricket Wireless customer. If you are not a wireless customer you can still download the app and look around; however, you won’t be able to participate in the rewards. If you are a customer you an earn rewards by adding new lines, sign up for auto pay or participate in surveys and games.

UpCash – Money Making App

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UpCash is one of the apps like Qricket that we have not yet tried so we can’t tell you if it really works or not. However, based off of the customers’ feedback it seems to be a legit app but one won’t know for sure unless he or she downloads it and tries it out. This app is suppose to be another great way to earn rewards and cash by trying new games, apps, watching videos and completing surveys. You can also get paid when you tell your friends about the new apps and games you discovers. There is no set amount of how much you can make from UpCash but you get out of it what you put into it.

Surveys On The Go

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Surveys On The Go is an app where you can earn money by expressing our opinions to participating industries and companies. This is one of the only survey apps like Qriket that pays your cash instead of points that you can put towards rewards. Surveys On The Go will notify you when there are surveys available which is usually a couple per month. Most surveys take just a few minutes. You can’t quit your day job by using Surveys On The Go but you can earn a few extra bucks to put in your pocket. If you are interested in a great survey app then try this one out today.