About Retrica

Now that we all have phones with cameras in our pockets, selfies and on the go photography have become an everyday part of life which is why people have been searching for apps like Retrica. Some people may take selfies more than other people, but we all have urges to take these pictures occasionally.

For many, taking a regular selfie is not enough. People want to add effects and filters to the picture to make it more unique and to help their pictures standout. For these people, you have different apps that are designed to take your selfies to the next level.

Retrica is an app that is specifically designed for adding filters and other effects to selfies. Where this one differs from many of the others is that it adds the filters to the picture before it is taken. With this app, you can see what the finished product is going to look like before you hit the shutter. With more than 100 filters and the ability to share these selfies on various social media platforms, it is a fun app that can make your selfies even more interesting.

While fans of taking selfies and Smartphone photography might love this app, they do have some other options for taking great shots with their mobile device. Here are a few other apps like Retrica that can make pictures that are fun, creative and artistic.

5 Best Apps Like Retrica

Candy Camera

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For taking and adding effects to selfies, Candy Camera is another great alternative. Candy Camera comes with a great range of filters that you can add to your selfies, and just like Retrica, the filters can be applied to the picture before it is taken. In addition to the filters, you have different stickers that can be added to the shot and it even has photo-editing tools that can be great for making your selfies look better. The filters are easy to use as you snap pictures and the photo editor feature is very simple. Another feature that makes Candy Camera stand out from other apps like Retrica, is it comes with a collage mode. The user can take a bunch of pictures with different filters and the app will arrange them into a collage.

LINE Camera

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LINE Camera is more than just a selfie app. While the filters and effects can be great for adding some personal touches to your selfies, it has a great list of editing tools that can work for enhancing all of the photos that you take with your phone. It has a range of fun and interesting filters that you can add to your selfies and it adds different camera features that you may not get from other apps like Retrica. You can set a timer for photos, it has a flash and it has features that help to improve your ability to take pictures with your mobile device. You can add text and stamps to your photos, make collages and the photos are easy to share through sites like Facebook and Instagram.


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With B612, you have another app that is made specifically for people that love taking selfies. It offers a nice selection of filters that are optimized for use in selfies and the user has a number of options for personalizing the pictures that they take which makes it one of the more popular apps like Retrica. In addition to the selfies and the effects that can be added, this app also has features for making collages and for taking selfie videos. With the selfie video, you can shoot a quick 15-second clip. Just snap your photos, add effects and if you like the picture when it is done, you can share it on all of the popular social network sites.

YouCam Perfect

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If you like apps like Retrica, but you want an option that offers a lot of editing tools, the YouCam Perfect app is definitely worth trying. Just like the other selfie apps, this one has filters and effects that can be added to the photos, but it also comes with a range of beauty editing tools for touching up the way you look in the picture. As additional features, you can remove items from the photos, add stickers, and you can shoot quick selfie videos. With the effects and the editing tools, it can be a great app for people that just want to take fun selfies, but it can also be great for people that want to make sure that they look good in all of their photos.


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The Camera360 app is a good camera selfie app, a photo editor and a social network –all rolled into one. It has a selfie camera with a range of filters that can be applied, it has a beauty cam and it has an editing suite that can be used with all the photos that you take. Similar to other apps like Retrica, you can add things like filters, effects and stickers to your pictures. Additionally, you can use a wide range of beauty effects and it has a built in social network for sharing your pictures. Even with all of these tools, the app is easy to use, and it delivers great results for all sorts of photos.

Now you have 5 apps like Retrica to quickly take selfies and share them with your friends. Send us some other apps like Retrica that you have used in the past and enjoyed.