About Siri

Interested in finding other great apps like Siri that you can download for free? If so, then you are in the correct spot because we have the 5 best Siri app alternatives for you to check out.

Siri is a built in personal assistant app found in the Apple products starting with the iPhone 4s and later. This app works by letting you speak into your device voicing command in order to operate your mobile devices and the apps that you have downloaded with it. To active this personal assistant all you have to do is say “Hey Siri” or double tap the home button on your device which is very convenient.

Apple built this app to act like a friend where she aims to help you find the answers you are looking for ranging from personal questions to what restaurants are around your location.

Siri will respond to the words you speak and will give you a response based off of what she knows. You can pretty much ask her anything you want and she will have an answer for you most of the time. If she doesn’t know the answer she will tell you she is sorry she doesn’t understand.

If you are an Android user then you don’t have Siri as it is an Apple product; however, there are other personal assistant apps like Siri that you can download and we have listed them below. We strongly recommend all of these apps but we would love to hear your feedback on which is your favorite by leaving a comment below.

Best Apps Like Siri

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Speaktoit Assistant

Speaktoit Assistant is another personal assistant app that helps you perform tasks, answer emails, answers any questions you have, reminds you of important upcoming events and much  more. Over time, Assistant learns more about you including your favorite places and services. It then uses this information to customize your experience based off of your preferences, ultimately giving you the best mobile experience possible. We think Assistant is one of the best apps like Siri because of all the features included with it and highly recommend you to download it.Assistant is compatible with many languages already and is studying hard to learn even more.
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Vokul is a new powerful voice control assistant app for iOS devices. With this app, you can DJ music, create podcasts, dictate your text messages and email, call your people listed in your contacts and even post to your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Like other apps like Siri, all you do is make simple voice commands to Vokul and it will do just about anything you ask. The developers made this with a noisy environment in mind so it is perfect for those long car rides. The only fall back on Vokul is that it is only compatabile with iOS systems and it costs $2.99; however, the money is well worth it.
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Google Now

Google Now is a personal assistant app that comes standard with most Android devices that is comparable with Contana for Windows and Siri for Apple products. The unique thing about Google Now is that you can get Now Cards which are short snippets of information based off of your preferences. Just like the other apps like Siri, Google Now will respond to your questions, make suggestions bases off of your preferences and perform different actions that you require. Google Now is available for both iOS systems and Android systems and is free to download. We personally use the Google Now app a lot and having nothing but great things to say about it.
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Evi is the app where you can ask anything you want and it will have an answer for you, well that’s what they say anyways. Evi is very smart in answering questions in regards to books, music, films, people, our history, places in the world and much more. Over the years, Evi has become very smart and continues to get even smarter. This personal assistant app is one to highly consider if you are looking for other apps like Siri to download. This app is available for Android, iOS and on Kindle Fire. We haven’t personally tried this app yet, but many of our fans swear by it. If you need help with your everyday needs then we recommend downloading Evi today.
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Voice Answer

Voice Answer is said to be the next generation personal assistant app for mobile devices. What makes this app stand out from other apps like Siri is that it uses  advanced artificial intelligence and several databases to ensure accuracy. With Voice Answer, you can ask questions on nearly any topic of your choice by either talking to it or writing it down and having it answer you. This app is the professional sister to “Voice Ask”. This personal assistant app works for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and offers both a free version and a premium version for $3.99. Many of the members of our team have tried the free version and love it. Try downloading the free version today and see how you like it.
apps like siri


Cortana is a Microsoft personal assistant version that is compatible for many Windows products, iOS devices and Android devices for free. This app was created back in 2014 and has been getting smarter ever since. Like other apps like Siri, Cortana speaks many different languages and is continuing to learn more every day. This app can store valuable information for you, has a unique system of reminders built it, provides recommendations by integrating with services such as Foursquare and can help you in many other ways. As most of us our Windows users we love using the Cortana app and only great things to say about it. See for yourself by downloading it today.