About AddMeFast

Social media can mean different things to different people and entities. For a business, your social media presence can be a significant part of your marketing strategy, but the greatest effect comes from having a large presence on the social media sites that you use. For many, it can be hard to grow this presence organically, so they look for ways to boost their performance by generating more like, shares, views, subscribers, etc.

One of the most popular answers to this problem is using the site AddMeFast or other sites like AddMeFast. Essentially, this is what you call a social exchange site. The user sets up an account and they can connect their social media accounts to their profile on AddMeFast.

By interacting with the social media accounts of other users, they can then gain points that can be exchanged with other users to get them to interact with the social media accounts on the profile. For some, it can be a good way to boost their numbers on sites like facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

While AddMeFast may be considered the leader in regard to this type of service, there are several other sites like AddMeFast that operate on a similar model. If you are looking to grow your social media presence, here are some alternatives to AddMeFast that can help.

5 Best Sites Like AddMeFast


sites like addmefast

YouLikeHits is one of the nicer sites like AddMeFast. The site has thousands of users for you to exchange with and it works with most of the popular social media sites. The user has complete control over the accounts and sites that they interact with and it will only send traffic to the pages and accounts that you request. Once you have your account set up, it does not take a long time to start seeing some action on the pages where you are trying to increase the action.


sites like addmefast

Shareyt is another site that can be used to boost your ratings on social media. In addition to allowing the user to like, share and view to gain coins that can then be exchanged for interaction from other users, Shareyt has a range of other services that can be used to boost the search engine ranking of online assets. Unlike others sites like AddMeFast, users can pay for things like traffic to a website and backlinking from pages to increase the presence of their website, as well as building their social media presence.


sites like addmefast

With LikesPlanet, users can get interaction with their social media pages and boost their traffic. It works with all of the most popular social media sites and it offers quality likes, views and follows. As a user, you can go on and earn points by interacting with the pages of other users and then exchange them for action on your pages or you can buy points if you do not feel like doing the work of liking and subscribing to the accounts of others. Similar to other sites like AddMeFast, LikesPlanet will also pay users for doing things like liking, viewing and retweeting, so the site boosts its numbers by getting users that are looking to exchange social media activity and some that are there to make money.


sites like addmefast

If you are looking to get a lot of action on one of your social media accounts quickly, then Like4Like is one of the best sites like AddMeFast for doing just that. It works with a great selection of social media sites and it offers the user tons of options for the types of interaction that they want. It works similarly to many of the other sites; you receive credits for taking actions on the pages of others and then you can trade the credits to encourage other users to take action on your pages.


sites like addmefast

With FollowLike, you have another exchange site that has a large community. It can be good for increasing likes on facebook, views on YouTube, followers on Twitter and more. With this site, you can quickly raise your social media profiles and just like the other sites like AddMeFast, you can do it for free if you just provide the same kinds of action for the social media accounts of others. If you do not have the time to interact with the social media accounts of other users, you can buy points and FollowLike does offer the opportunity for users to make money using the site. In addition to the social media exchange services, this site also offers features that can help to boost website traffic and search engine ranking.

Well, there are the best sites like AddMeFast. If you are looking to boost your social media traffic and gain likes, subscribers, views, etc. then try one of these sites like AddMeFast. You won’t be dissapointed with your results.