About Skype

Are you tired of using your data plan to make calls around the world and would rather make free calls? If so, check out these free calling apps like Skype that you can download for both Android and iOS devices.

When it comes to making free calls, getting international calls and video calling, Skype is one of the most well known apps out there but that doesn’t mean it is the best option for everyone.

When you download Skype you have access to a variety of features right at your fingertips. Skype is more than just making free calls. With this app, you can make Skype to Skype calls, make group video calls for meetings, instant message with people, call phone numbers, share your screen and so much more.

Skype now also has great collaboration tools built for business use. Some business type features include unlimited number of meetings, PowerPoint Upload, whiteboard, URL invites and more.

Whether you are looking to make free calls or hold meetings, Skype is a great option for you; however, if you want to use something else, check out the 5 best apps like Skype below.

5 Best Apps Like Skype


apps like skype

ooVoo is a popular app world wide that specializes in providing high quality video chat, messaging and voice calling. Similar to other apps like Skype, ooVoo allows you to make free video calls with up to 12 people at a time. Some other features include, one touch calling, free avatar characters, free voice calls, free messaging and even an ooVoo store where you can buy different avatar characters.


apps like skype

Viber is just as easy and fast as texting but it’s completely free to use. The Viber app uses your phone’s internet connection to send free messages, make voice and video calls, share videos and photos all for free. There is no more paying an outrageous amount of money for your phone bill. Instead use Viber to stay connected with your friends and family while and save a bunch of money. With a long list of features, Viber is one of the most recommended apps like Skype out there today.


apps like skype

Another free voice call and video chat app that has made a name for themselves is IMO. The developers of IMO have focused much of their attention on giving  users the best high- quality video possible for making video calls. IMO enables you to make calls and send messages over 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. With IMO, you can send and receive photos and videos, choose from hundreds of stickers to express your feelings, make group video calls and more. IMO is another app that comes highly recommended for one of the top apps like Skype.

Google Hangouts

apps like skype

Google Hangouts has it all when it comes to making free calls and messages to people you want to stay connected with. With Hangouts, you can have a conversation with one person or multiple people at the same time, turn any conversation into a group chat, call any phone number in the world, send photos, videos, maps, GIF’s emojis, and message friends anywhere no matter if they are connected to the internet or not. It comes with no surprise that Hangouts is one of the best free video and voice chatting apps like Skype because of the money Google has put into it.

WhatsApp Messenger

apps like skype

WhatsApp is another messaging and calling app that offers many of the same features as other apps like Skype do. Again, WhatsApp Messenger uses your phone’s internet connection to send and receive messages and calls. The one nice thing that makes this app stand out from others is that you can send and receive Whatsapp messages right from your computer’s browser. With WhatsApp, you don’t need to create a profile and you are always logged in so you won’t miss any messages.

These 5 apps like Skype should keep your phone bill down each month. Now you can make free calls, send free messages and stay connected with people all around the world. If you know of any other apps like Skype please let us know by contacting us today.