About Snapchat

There are many great apps like Snapchat out there where you can send self destructing pictures, videos and messages to your friends and family members. With over 100 million downloads, Snapchat is one of the most popular picture and video messaging apps out there today.

Since the launch of Snapchat there has been quite a stir with users all around the world, mostly about inappropriate pictures and videos.

Snapchat is an app where you can send someone a picture or short video that will automatically be deleted after the given time frame. However, your pictures and videos may not be officially deleted so you should be careful with what you are sending.

Snapchat says that they delete your files; however, they still have all the files stored on their servers in which they have full access to. Furthermore, people who have received your pictures can take a screenshot of what you sent them which they can keep forever.

After Snapchat became so popular companies began to follow and develop their own self vanishing type apps. Below we have the 5 best apps like Snapchat that you may enjoy using instead of Snapchat. Some of these apps even keep people from taking a screenshot of your pictures through added features they have created within their own app.

If you don’t want to worry about people taking screenshots of your files after you sent them and want full control over everything then we encourage you to check out one of thees new apps.

Best Apps Like Snapchat


apps like snapchat

Yovo is one of the funnest apps like Snapchat where you can create a group story using live shots or photos from your device’s library. You and your friends can upload clips from your own library to form any type of story you wish from embarrassing moments to life fails. Once you have created the story and shared it, you and your friends will have 48 hours before it disappears forever. With Yovo, you can take live pictures or share photos, view stories for 48 hours, invite friends and family to participate in developing your story, draw and add comments and much more.


apps like snapchat

Wickr is the best private secure encrypted, anyonmous, self destructing messenger app in the world today. With this app you can send and receive secure messages, documents, pictures and videos without worrying about anyone seeing or finding them. If you want to bee 100% discrete then this app is for you. Like other apps like Snapchat, Wickr lets you add stickers, draw and add filters on your photos and videos. You can also communicate with up to 10 different contacts at once.If you want full control over your pictures and videos then this app is for you.

Burn Note

apps like snapchat

Just as the name of the app sounds, Burn Note literally burns or self destructs your notes after you are done reading them. When you receive a note and open it a self timer starts  which automatically destroys the note when the time is up. Burn Note is also the first app that is copy resistant so you can’t take a screenshot to copy the note. The developers’ goals of Burn Note was to create an app where you can send something online that you do not want stored after delivery. They definitely completed that goal which makes this one of the best apps like Snapchat.


apps like snapchat

Bleep is one of the most fun instant messaging apps like Snapchat that is completely private. When you download this app you can chat via text, make free voice calls or whisper to your friends and family. Whisper is a feature on Bleep where you send a message to someone and it automatically deletes after they read it, leaving no trace of the message. The best part about the Bleep app, is that you don’t need an account. Just download the app and invite your friends to start chatting. With Bleep, you can truly be yourself without having to worry about what messages you sent.


apps like snapchat

Telegram is said to be one of the fastest instant messaging apps like Snapchat that is safe and private to use with your friends. This app has so many great features that you will learn to love it. First, you can sync this app across all of your devices including desktops, you can create Telegram groups up to 1000 people and you have the option to select secret chat and secret messaging. When you select the secret chat and secret messaging feature your sent messages will automatically be deleted after the receiver has read them.

Cyber Dust

apps like snapchat

Cyber Dust is an app where you can send private encrypted messages that can’t be recovered once they have expired. If you are looking for the most personal messaging app where your messages expire after a certain time then you should consider downloading this Cyber Dust.  Unlike other apps like Snapchat with Cyper Dust, you can be honest and open with people who you are messaging unlike any other platform out there today. Wit new updates, you can chat one on one, with a group, with a private list of people or even with an unlimited amount of followers.

Now that you know of some other apps like Snapchat you can keep sending photos and videos discretly without anyone else seeing them.