About TeamViewer

These apps like TeamViewer allow you to have remote access to your Windows, Linux and Mac devices no matter where you are at the time.

With already over 200,000 computers world wide using TeamViewer, this app has become the leading app of its kind. TeamViewer allows its users to have full access to their computer as if they were sitting right in front of them. That means, when you are even 100 miles away, you can login to your computer at home or the office and gain access to every single document and installed applications found on the computer. If you are ever afraid of being away from your work, then TeamViewer can help you out. With TeamViewer, you can work even when you are away from home. Another great feature that this app comes with, is that you can administrate unattended computers to make sure no one is using them.

If for some reason TeamViewer doesn’t work for you, then try these apps like TeamViewer to gain remote access to your desktop. We have searched the web to find the best apps for you to download.

5 Best Apps Like TeamViewer


apps like teamviewer

Splashtop claims to be the easiest remote desktop app around; however, we don’t like to show favoritism so we will let you be the deciding factor. That being, said more than 15 million people have already used this app to gain remote access to their computer or Mac from both Android and iOS devices. Splashtop allows you to get full access to all of your documents, applications, emails, games and more. So maybe this is one of the easiest apps like TeamViewer you can download!

Microsoft Remote Desktop

apps like teamviewer

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app allows you to keep full access of your computer and work rescoures from nearly anywhere. This app offers many features including secure connection to your applications and data ( so you don’t have to worry about others seeing it), manage all remote connections at once, high quality streaming and more. With all the features included with this app, Microsoft Remote Desktop makes it on our list of the best apps like TeamViewer.


apps like teamviewer

Join.Me is a little different from other apps like TeamViewer, but it still allows you to connect remotely no matter where you are. With this app, you can host or join any meeting from nearly anywhere. With just a click of a button, you can share your screen on your device and start a meeting or conference call with others. Don’t miss a minute of work with Join.Me, download and try it today to stay connected.

GoToAssist Remote Support

apps like teamviewer

The GoToAssist remote support app has many features that make it a great app of its kind. Though this is one of the least popular apps like TeamViewer, we believe that is has come a long ways and should be recognized. With this app, you can screen share, have camera sharing capabilities, remote control and so much more. Before you download this app you have to get a URL from the main site and create an account. You will then be given a 9 digit support key to login.


apps like teamviewer

Just as the title of the app says, LogMeIn allows you to gain access to your PCs and Macs from mostly anywhere around the world from both Android and iOS devices. Even thought LogMeIn works a little different from other apps like TeamViewer, it still lets you access just about everything on your computer, remotely. With this app, you can access you home or work computers, control your devices as if you were sitting right in front of them, edit and manage your computer files and more. Just download the app today, create an ID and give the free 14 day trial a shot.

Well, there you have it. You now have access to 5 great apps like TeamViewer to gain remote access to your work and home computers. Have you used some similar apps like TeamViewer that we didn’t list? Write us today, and we will add the new app.