About theChive

TheChive app is said to be the top app for showing the best of the internet served to you fresh and hot daily. This app was developed to bring you the funniest, most outrageous and the sexiest photos and videos found all of the internet right to your fingertips.If you find yourself always bored at school or work and you are looking for some funny and outright hilarious stuff from the internet then theChive app is just for you.

This app is independently owned and operated by Resignation, LLC who’s main goal was to bring a photo-entertainment website and app to you. All images that appear on theChive are selected by all staff members based on searches from international and domestic websites along with your daily submissions.

Since the launch of theChive, there has been three hoaxes that have been reported as true stories by large news channels including Fox News. These hoaxes put theChive website and app on the radar in which they are now very popular.

Even though theChive app has a lot of positive features there are some negative comments against it. Many people complain that they have way to many ads on their app and that they are having a lot of issues with the app itself such as it crashing or having compatibility issues.

That being said, take a look at our best 5 apps like theChive that you can also download for free. Our team has hand selected these apps based on similar features and customer ratings. We know you will enjoy these.

Best 5 Apps Like theChive


apps like chive - 9gag

The 9GAG app is just like theChive for making every single minute interesting and happy. When you download this app for free you gain access to millions of funny pictures, memes and videos to look at when you are bored. 9GAG has received several awards over the past several years including the Best Apps of 2014 (Entertainment) award on Google. If you are looking for a fun filled community with hilarious comments, funny pictures and crazy videos then you need to download the 9GAG app today.


apps like thechive - theberry

TheBerry app was developed by the same company as theChive and has a lot of the same features; however, they are different. This app gives ladies the chance to look at funny photos, hot males, daily gossip, cool products and videos that have gone viral. When you open the app you can select your favorite category and find your favorite things. If you are a female that wants to smile¬†every time you look at theBerry app then you need to download this app for free today. You won’t be disappointed!


apps like thechive - ifunny

iFunny brings fun to your life by showing¬†you the funniest images, GIFs and videos found all over the internet. It is said that sex and iFunny are the only two things that you don’t need to be good at to enjoy. Well, that may or may not be true, but if your not having much fun with the first one we ensure you that you will have a blast on the iFunny app. If you like to indulge yourself into fun and enjoy getting a fresh set of pictures and videos everyday then you need to try this app for free.