About Timehop

People create memories every day, and with the use of Smartphones and tablets, we record and share more of these memories than ever before. With so many pictures and videos being created, stored and posted all the time, it can often be difficult and time-consuming to go back and look at what we were doing in the past, but with apps like Timehop, we can easily get a collection of the memories that we posted.

Timehop works sort of like a digital time capsule to show the user what they were doing one year ago or many years in the past. The app works by using photos on your phone and sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to collect photos and posts from the selected day in the past, and it gives you an overview of what you were doing on this day in years past. It is a fun app for connecting with old memories and it easily puts these collections of photos, videos and posts together.

The popularity of nostalgia apps like Timehop shows that people love the idea of looking back on their old memories, but you do not have to stop with this app. For people that want to look back on past events, there are plenty of apps that are designed to help you create and relive memories.

5 Best Apps Like Timehop

On This Day

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On This Day is one of the apps like Timehop that many people are starting to use. The app takes photos from Facebook and your phone to show you what you were doing on this day in earlier years. It is a little simpler than Timehop in that it does not collect quite as much information, but it provides an experience that is very similar. Just open the app and look to see the memories that you created. If any of the photos really stand out, you can also share them on social media with friends and family members that might be interested. All in all, it is an easy to use app that can provide a nice stroll down memory lane.

Life’s Time Capsule

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With Life’s Time Capsule, you have an app that is designed to provide the user with a platform for organizing, editing and storing memories. It can be used with photos, videos, audio recording and text notes. All of the memories are stored securely in cloud storage and they are there for you to view when you want to look back on certain days or events. It is different from other apps like Timehop because it does not go back through all of your files and find the memories for you, but it can be great for making sure that all of your photos, videos and other things that you want to remember are safe, secure, organized and easy to access.


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The 8tory app is one of the better apps like Timehop for looking back on old memories. It works with Facebook to collect different posts and memories that you have created and it puts them all together for when you want to view them. It can be used in the “on this day” fashion like Timehop, but it offers a range of other options for looking back at past events. It puts the photos and posts together in an easy to access manner and it can be a fun way to look back on your own or to share memories with the people you care about.


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If you are looking for an experience that is a little more random, the app Throwback can be a nice way to remind yourself of the past. In the Throwback app, the user can take pictures from their phone or tablet and then use the app to show you the picture at a future date. You can choose the date yourself or you have the option of the app sending you the picture at a random time. Once you have the picture set for Throwback, it could come back in a time that ranges anywhere from a month to five years. It is not quite the memory trip that you get from some apps like Timehop, but it can be a fun way to surprise yourself with an old memory.


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Moments is a Facebook app that allows people to create a shared photo album for an event and is already becoming one of the best apps like Timehop. The app automatically associates the people in photos and the time that they were taken to make it easier for all of the people associated with the album to share things like photos and videos. With so many people taking pictures and videos at the same event at the same time, this app offers a simple solution to sharing it all in one place. The app is easy to use, it offers a number of different sharing and compilation options and you can even create slideshows out of the photos from an event.

Now you have some of the best apps like Timehop to bring back and share memories. If you enjoy using other apps like Timehop then contact us today so we can add them.