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There are many apps like Tinder where you can meet other people and possibly even your next life partner. Tinder is one of those dating apps that you can download for free to potentially meet new people that live close to you.

Recently Tinder has launched Tinder Plus where you can pay a yearly subscription for added features. This dating app is perfect for finding others similar to you. Once you download this app and sign in through your Facebook account you can start swiping either right or left depending on if you want to match with that person.

If you think the person is attractive and you want to have a chance with them you swipe right. If you not interested you swipe left. Once you match with a person you can send them a message to start talking to them. If you are using the free version of Tinder then you get a limited amount of swipes per day; however, one feature of the paid version is that you get unlimited swipes.

Even though Tinder is a great way to meet new people, a lot of users are getting fed up with the app. First, there are many creepy people on Tinder who keep messaging the person they matched with. This has become a huge problem for females because guys message some pretty bizarre things. Also, many people are now using this app for a quick hook up or a one night stand. If you trying to use Tinder to find the next important someone in your life then we recommend trying these other apps like Tinder from the below.

These are the 5 best apps like Tinder that people are using to actually find a relationship. Good luck and let us know which of these apps work best for you by leaving a comment below.

Best 5 Apps Like Tinder


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OkCupid is said to be one of the best dating apps in the world, but we will let you make that decision once you download it. This dating app is 100% free to use hence why it is rated highly by current users. With OkCupid you can search and connect with automated matches near you, view photos and details about your matches, swipe right to show someone you are interested and send and receive unlimited messages. If you are in need of some cool apps like Tinder then you need to try OkCupid. You can even pay a subscription to join the A list which enhances your dating experience while giving you added features to use. Fill out and complete a full profile about yourself to attract others as well. We have nothing but great things to say about this app.


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Bumble dating app is one of the closest apps like Tinder but lets the females make the first move in messaging the other person. Just like Tinder, you can swipe right or left depending on if you are interested in the other person or not. This app is intended to keep the creepy guys from constantly messaging the girls like they do on Tinder. If you both swipe right to complete a match you are then both added to each other’s hive of connections. The woman has to say something within 24 hours or the connection disappears forever. If you are a female that likes to make the first move on without attracting the creepy guys then you need to download the Bumble dating app today.

Hot or Not

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Hot or Not is the original game where you get to decide who is hot and who is not. This dating app lets you find the hottest people near you and lets them find you as well. Once you download this free app, sign in via Facebook, add your favorite photos of yourself, play the game and get fans. The best feature about this app is it lets you see how popular you and your friends are in your area and it gives you a list of the hottest people around you. Hot or Not is one of the coolest apps like Tinder because you can keep rating people and see how you fair to people in your area. This is one of the first date rating apps ever and has still maintained its popularity to this day. This app is completely free to use.


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If you need a dating app that helps you find people who you have crossed paths with then Happn is the app for you. This app is great for finding people that you may see on a regular basis without even realizing it. If you missed a connection that you want a second chance with then you need to download this app today. Every time you cross paths with someone the app will show their profile on your timeline, you can then check each profile that shows up and like them secretly. If they like you too, then you both have a conversation.

Voo Dating App

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The Voo Dating App offers unique features that sets it apart from other apps like Tinder. When you download this app you can rate other peoples photos, chat with people you match with and meet new people. All you have to do is log in via Facebook, your Lovoo account or email address, connect with others , upload photos of yourself and then either swipe right or left. Use the swipe feature to vote other peoples photos and upload new photos to get more likes. The Voo app also verifies that people are real so you are always safe chatting.


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Once is an online dating app so unique that its gaining popularity with apps like Tinder. As you may have guessed it, the Once app gives you one match per day which is hand picked by professional matchmakers. This app ensures that you have 24 hours with only one other person per day. You can only see them and they can only see you. When you are matched with the person you can message them. We have not used this app; however, we found that it works well for people who don’t want to spend hours swiping for a potential match.

Now that you know about the 5 best apps like Tinder you should have a lot better chance on finding another person to love or to have some fun with. If you have other apps like Tinder that you would like to share with us please contact us today.

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