About Tumblr

If you enjoy creating your own content online and discovering new stuff all the time then Tumblr or apps like Tumblr could help you out.

Tumblr allows you to post your own interest to the online community such as GIF’s, text, audio, videos and more. This app is also great for discovering new art, music, sports, comedy and a bunch of other random stuff from other Tumblr users.

If you love blogging or want to get started in blogging then Tumblr is a good option for you. You can blog about anything, or simply re-blog other people’s stuff and link to them. As you share other people’s post they may start to share yours as well in which helps grow your friends online.

You can also send private messages to people you choose to follow, so you don’t miss out on what they are sharing. Did we mention you can customize your page as well!

As we always state, Tumblr may not be the best option for you. If this is the case, then check out the best apps like Tumblr to start blogging for free.

5 BestĀ Apps Like Tumblr


apps like tumblr

Blogger is a great app for those of you who enjoy blogging or want to start. With this app, you can blog on the go with your Android device. For some reason they took Blogger off of the App Store, so as of right now you can’t get it for iOS devices. On Blogger, you can compose a new post to publish or save to draft, edit existing posts, switch from your different accounts, embed images from your gallery or by taking pictures right from the app. Blogger is one of the most common apps like Tumblr for blogging for free.


apps like tumblr

Wordpress is another app where you can create a blog for free. WordPress enables you to create a free website to blog about anything you want. You can create new posts, share images or other types of files, check analytics to see who is coming to your site, and visit other people’s blog to stay up to date with your favorite interests and hobbies. WordPress is one of the best platforms to use when it comes to blogging, and with one of the best apps like Tumblr, you will never have a problem blogging online again.


apps like tumblr

Do you enjoy blogging but want your own website now? Weebly is a popular app that lets you create a website, blog or store all for free. Now you can create your beautiful blog right from your Android or iOS device, wherever you are. Weebly features a drag and drop website builder design, lets you upload images from your library, monitor all of your site’s activity, publish your thoughts easily, and so much more. If blogging is starting to take up a lot of your time then you may want to consider this app. Weebly is one of the better apps like Tumblr for those who want to take blogging more seriously.


apps like tumblr

Edublogs offers many of the same features similar to other apps like Tumblr. With this app, you can create and publish posts quickly, choose from over 200 professional themes for your website, upload photos directly to your blog, write comments on other people’s blogs and much more. If your looking to brand yourself as the best blog in particular subject then Edublogs could be a great option for you. Since launch date, Edublogs has almost 3.5 million bloggers using their platform.


apps like tumblr

Jimdo is a do-it-yourself website builder where you can put up your own blog in minutes. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and is very easy to use. With this app, you don’t need to do any coding or have any technical skills. Simply drag and drop features that you want to have in your blog. Jimdo allows you to create a website fast, edit or publish content, keep an eye on site statistics, add photos and much more. Jmdo is not as popular as other apps like Tumblr but it has come a long ways since its launch date.

Alright bloggers, now you have the best apps like Tumblr to blog, comment or discover new interests online. If you love blogging and enjoy using a different app then please let us know so we can add it to the list of the best apps like Tumblr.