About Uber

If you are looking for transportation apps then you are in the right place. Below we have the best 5 apps like Uber that you can download for free.

Uber is a free transportation app where you can request a ride and get picked up right at your front door. The app allows you to pay for the ride right through the app so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash or giving a tip to the driver when you arrive at your destination.

Since the launch of the Uber app there have been more than 50 million downloads and has been given a customer rating of 4.2 based off of 453,000 reviews.

With new updates to Uber, you can now request an Uber driver right away and watch where he or she is on the new GPS map. This means you don’t have to wait around and guess what time your driver is going to arrive. From the GPS map you can track your driver all the way to your front door.

Many of us agree that Uber is a great app to use to get a ride from point A to point B; however, many customers are getting fed up with it because of the price increase they do on buys nights. Because of how many people use Uber now, the company can get away with increasing their prices on certain nights. Uber has been known to increase their ride price significantly making it less affordable for its customers.

If you hate paying higher prices for rides with this transportation app then we recommend you trying these 5 best apps like Uber below. These apps will also give you your own personal driver that can pick you up right at your front door and drop you off to your destination.

5 Best Apps Like Uber


apps like uber - lyft

Lyft is probably one of the closest apps like Uber because of all the similar features it has. Like Uber, on this app you can also request a personal driver to pick you up at your front door and drop you off at your desired location. It is very easy to use the Lyft app as well. Once you download it, you just have to create an account and request a ride. You no longer have to carry cash when you use this app because of their secure pay through the phone feature they offer. All Lyft drivers pass a comprehensive background and DMV check before they are approved to work for the service so you can ride comfortably. The best part about Lyft is that they are also cheaper than Uber and don’t have surge prices. Try downloading one of the best apps like Uber today!


apps like uber - flywheel

Flywheel is one of the easiest ways to get a taxi cab through the click of your phone. This app is still fairly new and is only available in San Francisco bay area, Los Angeles, Seattle, Sacramento and San Diego. Just like Uber, you can request a taxi to pick you up right at your door and drop you off at your desired destination. With recent updates, you can now pay right through your phone so you don’t have to bring cash and you can watch the taxi come pick you up through the GPS feature and get notified when it arrives. This is one of the apps like Uber that you will want to try if you live in the current cities listed above. If you don’t live in the cities that this app offers its services then try out some of the others we have listed.


apps like uber - curb

Another app that belongs to the list of apps like Uber is Curb. This app that connects you with professional drivers in the area to pick you up and drop you off at your final destination. Currently, there are over 35,000 professional, fully insured taxi drivers in 60 cities around the United States. The app allows you to connect with a driver within seconds and get picked up with in a few minutes, track your ride on the app’s map, pay your ride rare directly through the Curb app or pay with cash if you choose. Curb also lets you rate your driver /ride after you finish the transaction and now you can even invite friends to use the app to score free Curb rides. If you need new taxi apps like Uber then we definitely recommend downloading Curb for free today!


apps like uber - shuddle

Shuddle is a safe and reliable transportation app that provides a ride service for kids. This app has a little different twist than other apps like Uber. This is for busy parents who don’t have time to give their kids a ride somewhere. The developers of Shuddle are passionate about giving children a fast and safe service to where they need to be. That being said, Shuddle drivers are hand selected through an extensive screening process and the Shuddle team tracks every ride in real-time just in case there needs to be extra support on the road. This ensures that your kids will be safe and you won’t have to worry about them as much. With this app, you have the ability to arrange privet carpools with mulitple pickups and drivers can even check your kids in and out of school.

Easy Taxi

apps like uber - easy taxi

Easy Taxi is said to be the world’s fastest taxi app that allows you to book a cab driver right from the click of a button which makes it one of the best ride sharing apps like Uber. With this app you can be sure that you will be connected to a taxi driver closest to you making your waiting time only a few minutes. With some recent updates, Easy Taxi  is now cashless so you don’t have to bring cash to pay your taxi driver, you can now pick your own taxi closest to you  and you can follow your driver on the app’s map while he is coming to pick you up.  Easy Taxi is located all around the world and has won multiple awards for its technology and excellent customer service. Over 90% of Easy Taxi’s reviews are a 4 and 5 star rating. If you want a taxie app that is similar to other apps like Uber then download this app.

Hitch a Ride

apps like uber - hitch a ride

Hitch-A-Ride is one of the most unique apps like Uber that allows social ride sharing and carpooling for iOS users. This app lets you save money on rides by being able to pick someone else up or join a group of people to carpool with. Hitch-A-Ride allows you to split costs between all passengers in the car. You can even work out your own payment terms by negotiating directly with the driver and the other passengers. The best part about this app though is its feature that allows you to connect with friends and see where they are and are headed. This makes it easy for you to connect rides with them, ultimately saving you money in the end. This is one of the great apps like Uber that our team highly recommends you to try if you enjoy saving money on rides.

Experience the Apps First Hand

Now that you know of the best ride sharing apps like Uber, you can give them a try first hand and let us know how your experience went with them. We encourage you to watch our apps like Uber video below to get a little taste of some of the apps.