About Viber

Are you looking for apps like Viber that you can use to call or text friends or family so you do not have to use your cell phone minutes or monthly texts?! Viber is a free to use app in which you can do just that. However, there are also a few other apps on Google Play and the Apple Store that also have the same features and may be even easier to use or fit your needs better.

Viber basically allows you to connect with anyone in the world freely. There are over 650 million users already using Viber worldwide. Using a WiFi connection, Viber allows you to make HD-quality phone calls, send messages, as well as make HD-quality video calls at absolutely no cost to you.

You even have the ability to create group messages with up to 200 friends at one time. This feature works just like a text message in the sense that you can send messages, links, videos and more! Viber works in the way that it connects your mobile contacts to the app and uses your phone number as your id making it easy to sends messages or call any of your friends instantly!

EVen with all of the features that Viber has to offer, no app is perfect. For that reason we have gone ahead and put together a top 5 list of apps like Viber that can all be used for basically the same thing. Some of these may be better and some may not offer everything that Viber does. But they are all above 4 star ratings on the IOS and Google App Stores!

Best 5 Apps Like Viber

apps like Viber


WhatsApp gives you the ability to interact with family and friends throughout the world using an internet connection just like the rest of the apps mentioned here. It already has more than 50 million downloads between Google Play and the Apple Store combined. The first year is completely free and once that year is up, you may be charged $.99/year after that. WhatsApp allows you to call or message friends as well as send photos or videos. There are no international charges and no additional charges or fees aside from what’s mentioned above!


LINE: Free Calls & Messages is an app that let’s you call, message, or even video chat with your friends and family. This app may be the most like Viber as most of the features Viber offers are also available in LINE! A great feature of LINE is that it can also be used as a full-featured social networking service. This means you can post day to day activities to your timeline allowing your friends to see and you can even comment on your friends timeline or posts. LINE already has over 600 million users worldwide and is only getting more popular!


A lot of people may not be aware that Skype also has an app that gives you the ability to send free instant messages and video calls. Not only that, but you can also call mobile phones or landlines for a small fee. Look at it this way, if someone you know uses Skpye on their computer or xbox one, you can use the phone app to connect with them. Over 250 million people worldwide already use the Skpye app and because Skype has such a great brand name behind them, we only see this number growing! For these reasons Skpye has made our top apps like Viber.