About Vine

If you are looking to download free apps like Vine then you are in the right place. Vine is a fun entertainment app where the world’s stories are captured created and remade. There is never a dull moment on Vine.

When you download Vine you can switch through different channels including Dance, Comedy and Sports to find the funniest videos that will keep you laughing. With recent updates you can now even follow your favorite creators and watch every story they upload.

Vine has so much to offer when you download it. Once you have the Vine app on your phone or device you can explore the community to discover the best vines, share vines to your social media accounts that you enjoy the most and even make your own vines and share them through the app.

Though there are many good things to say about the Vine App there are some negatives to it as well. Users who have downloaded Vine say the videos are not the best quality when you upload them and people are saying that Vine suspends accounts for no apparent reason. Lucky for you, there are other apps like Vine that you can download for free.

If you are looking for better quality videos and don’t want to worry about your account getting suspended then check our 5 best apps like Vine below. Are team has put this list together and we highly recommend trying them.

5 Best Apps Like Vine

apps like vine - fideo fun video

Fideo: Fun Video

Fideo is an app that gives you the capability of creating selfie videos and making / sharing music videos. When you download Fideo you can explore the community for fun and interesting videos around the world and share your video at the same time. This app also has a variety of songs to choose from that you can add to your videos and lets you interact with people whose videos you like in the community. Fideo is one of the coolest apps like Vine that you can download for free and it already has over 1 million downloads.
apps like Vine - Best vines

Best Vines

Best Vines is a free app where you get to watch the funniest and most clear vines around the world right from your own device or phone. When you download Best Vines you can view, share and save the best vines without having to use the Facebook app. Some other features include searching a collection of vines, surprising yourself with a random video and even customizing your own folders. Best Vines made the list of the best apps like Vine because of the ease of watching and shearing Vine videos.

Keek Social Video

Keek Social App is an easy and fun way to peek into a friend or family members life through a 36 second video. This app makes it easy to upload and share your videos with anyone! Keek is completely free to use and there is no limit to the amount of videos you upload. A great feature included in Keek is that it has social sharing built right in making it easy to share to Facebook or Twitter. Not only that, but in this awesome app like Vine, you can even participate in video chat and text privately or with groups.