About Yelp

Are you looking for a list of apps like Yelp to review your favorite or least favorite places and restaurants?! Yelp has over 50 million reviews of different businesses world wide. Looking up what businesses or restaurants are the highest rated in your area is truly only a click or swipe away on your phone or tablet. Over the past few years, there have been a ton of apps like Yelp developed and placed on the app store because of the success that Yelp has had.

Yelp really stream lined their app over the past year or two by giving us a ton more features such as the ability to view deals offered by different businesses in the area or giving us the ability to filter results based on neighborhood, rating, distance, price or even what is currently open. Basically, the Yelp app can be your local guide when in a city that you are not familiar with.

Even with Yelp being one of the first reviews apps to hit the market and having the success they have had, it’s not stopping people from looking for alternatives or even an app that will give them more or may be easier to use. For that simple reason, we have compiled a list of the top apps like Yelp which all can be used to write or reviews for businesses and restaurants around the world.

Best 5 Apps Like Yelp


Foursquare is the ultimate guide to finding the best places to visit, eat, drink or shop in your city. So how does Foursquare work? All you do is type in what you like, specifically. Something like “craft beer” or “cheese curds”. Then Foursquare gives you results based on your past ratings, tastes, and even picks from your friends! This app has been downloaded more than 500,000 times on the Google Play store alone and for that reason is our top app like Yelp.


Urbanspoon Restaurant Reviews is one of the highest rated review apps dedicated one thing; helping the user find the best food, drink, or dining experience in your area. There are over a million restaurants currently on Ubernspoon and that number is growing everyday! This highly rated app has been featured in Mashable, New York Times, PC Magazine and more! Because of it;s growing popularity, it has made our top 5 apps like Yelp!
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TripAdvisor is generally an app used to plan or book a trip or vacation. However, a lot of people over look that this app can be used to find the best places to visit within a city as well as the highest rated restaurants and bars! You can even add your own reviews or add photos of places that you have visited. This popular app has had over 100 million downloads and features more than 225 million reviews of popular destinations all over the world!

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